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MoshiMoshiKawaii Books

Posted on July 5th 2010 by in Books, Zines & Comics, Kawaii Reviews

I’ve long been a fan of the MoshiMoshiKawaii characters, or sausage bunnies as we used to call them, not knowing what the heck they were. I have some amazing fabric featuring them that I bought in Tokyo and my sister even made me a panda sausage bunny for my birthday one year!

So imagine my delight upon hearing that MoshiMoshiKawaii is coming to the UK! Released today by Walker Books are two super cute activity books Where is Strawberry Moshi? and Where is Strawberry Princess Moshi? Both are in the style of Where’s Wally so you get delightful illustrations crammed with cute and colourful characters and suggestions of particular characters to look for.

There’s a vague storyline running through both books but mostly it’s just the characters moving to a new area so a whole loads of new themed Moshis can appear. There’s a forest, castle, racetrack, hospital, boutique and much more, each with their share of unique and hilarious characters. Check out the picnic scene below with all the different animals and even Moshi onigiri!

There are also mazes and other activities to keep children occupied but whatever age you are, if you like kawaii, you’ll love looking through these. They’re big books as well – larger than A4 – so you won’t need to strain your eyes.

Best of all are the back pages where some of the more unique and surprising characters are shown so you can go back and hunt for them. You’ll find lots of Moshi-fied classic characters here as well as Moshis masquerading as bombs, radios, blancmange, takoyaki and even UFOs!

Overall, these are fantastic books and affordable enough for anyone’s book shelf. You can pick up copies from the Walker Books website, or get them from Amazon. And if you’re in the UK, we’ve got copies of both books for a special giveaway – check back on Wednesday for the details!

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3 Responses to MoshiMoshiKawaii Books

  1. vicky

    Ooh this sounds interesting :D. Roll on wednesday!

  2. buybooksonline

    These really are fantastic books. I adore the characters and this really is the point of the books. As you said it’s not about the story line.

  3. Mirti

    Have you seen the cutest website?
    My favourite is Bee Moshi!


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