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I was shopping around for an external hard drive the other day (exciting, I know!). If only external hard drives were even a tenth as cute as portable flash drives. Mimobots are hands down the cutest flash drives you can buy and they team up with awesome designers to make them extra special.

They are on the pricey side but as well as a cute and useful gadget you also get free desktop wallpapers, icons and other cuteness included on the drive. The Tokidoki ones are particularly lovely and I’m guessing Panda-san is currently weeping over that monkey design :)

Loads of other cuteness is available though including Treeson, our beloved Domokun, Star Wars and more. Find ’em at the Mimobots store or Amazon. In the meantime I will await the arrival of my useful but boring black box of an external HD. Sigh.

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    oh *my* god – I am soooo buying one of these!!

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