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New Kawaii & Craft Books To Buy & Preorder

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Another round up of cute new books with crafts, recipes and creative ideas to pick up or add to your wish list – some are are out now and others are available to pre-order. I’ve included Amazon links below but you can also order through other sites, like Bookshop (UK/US) which supports independent bookshops near you.

Pokemon recipe book

If you’re a Pokemon Master who loves to bake, the Pokémon Baking Book (UK/US) is for you! It has 50+ recipes inspired by Pikachu and friends including cookies, cakes, breads and cupcakes. Out April/now

Witch Hat Atelier recipe book

Witch Hat Atelier Kitchen (UK/US) is a spin-off from the popular manga series and has real step by step recipes for both sweet and savory treats inspired by the characters and world. I love the manga and had no idea these existed! Volume 3 is out soon and all 3 books are very affordable as ebooks if you want to catch up.

Kawaii drawing books

It’s always great to see artists we love getting their own book and this time it’s Birdhism with Kawaii Birdies (UK/US). It promises to teach you how to draw 80 adorable feathered friends in Jennifer’s signature cute and chubby style, and includes chapters titled Birdie Activities, Birdie Shenanigans, and Birdie Dress-Up! Out May

Author and crafter Susanne Pypke has two new pom-pom craft books – Pom-Pom Forest Animals (UK/US) and Pom-Pom Birds (UK/US) . If you’re looking to improve your pom-pom skills, both books have step by step instructions and tips for making a dozen different birds or animals. Both out soon/now

Moomin craft books

I don’t know what’s more impressive about Knitted Moomin Socks (UK/US) – the detail in the socks on the cover or the fact that there are 29 patterns inside! They’re created by a group of top Finnish knitwear designers and inspired by the books and characters so there should be lots of different designs, styles and techniques to try. Out June

modern sashiko patterns

I enjoy sashiko a lot but the traditional designs on indigo can look a bit samey so it’s lovely to see a book of modern colourful designs. Colourful Sashiko (UK/US) includes 60+ designs and patterns that you can turn into practical items including dish cloths, bags, coasters, pouches, face masks, sponge bags and glasses cases. There’s also a chapter on the basics if you’re new to sashiko – it’s really easy to pick up and quick to stitch. Out June

embroidery books

Needlepainted Woodland Animals (UK/US) is definitely not for beginners but this looks like a beautiful book to read, whether or not you’re an embroidery expert. Author Chloe Giordano has a unique embroidery process that has a lot in common with painting and the book takes you through all the stage of creating a single project in full detail plus more animal-themed designs and inspiration. Out June

books about Japan

And one book that’s not crafts but for anyone interested in Japan. In Mondo Tokyo: Dispatches from a Secret Japan (UK/US), author Patrick Macias looks back at “the trends, personalities, and happenings that dominated the bleeding edge of Japanese pop culture” in the early 00s from his own experiences living there. It looks like a super interesting read about the time just before interest in Japan exploded globally with kawaii, Harajuku fashion etc. Hoping to pick up a copy myself soon. Out now

Check my previous book posts too as the preorder books should all be in shops now. What’s going on your wish list?

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