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Cute Recipes For World Vegan Day

Posted on November 1, 2022 by

Today is World Vegan Day and what better way to celebrate than with a few yummy vegan treats.

vegan cupcakes recipe

Funfetti screams celebration so let’s whip up a batch of these colourful cupcakes from Minimalist Baker. Check out all of her other vegan recipes too!

vegan linzer cookies recipe

If biscuits are more your style then you could share some of Resplendent Kitchen’s cute little linzer cookies with your friends and family instead. If that’s not enough, then try some of her other vegan desserts.

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I’m a big fan of chocolate chip cookies, so learning how to make them vegan is a skill I definitely need. These ones from Cupcake Jemma are gooey and chock full of chocolate chunks.

vegan ice cream recipes

If you want to take your vegan ice cream up a level, then turn them into little pig themed cones, just like Luxe and the Lady. There’s no way anyone could say no to one of these adorable frozen treats. You could even try some of her other flavours and characters like Totoro lavender blueberry or Winnie the Pooh tropical mango.

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Join Keroppi and whip up a batch of vegan matcha doughnuts, just as green as he is, with a couple of alternative topping options too.

vegan rainbow cake recipe

For a bit of a larger event, like a birthday or special occasion, why not try this multi layered rainbow cake from Vega Recepten (a vegan and vegetarian recipe blog) that can even be decorated to look like a unicorn. How magical?!

vegan cinnamon buns recipe

Vegan Dollhouse has a great range of vegan recipes on their site including this super simple one for bear shaped cinnamon rolls. However, their peanut butter sandwich cookies shaped like Hello Kitty are also really cute.

You’ll find even more vegan recipes and treats in our archives.

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