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Good news for Neko Atsume fans; a new game from the same developer has hit the shelves! This app is based on Spoon Pets from Sega, which are toy pets that can wiggle onto spoons and like to live in cups. Or just watch this video if my last sentence didn’t make sense ;)

Spoon Pets game

The game is in Japanese, but especially if you are familiar with Neko Atsume, you can play it with no Japanese knowledge. Once you start the game you’ll receive a nice amount of silver and golden spoons. This is the currency to ‘pay’ with, like the fish in Neko Atsume. You’d best start by spending spoons on furniture and toys to decorate your house with. Just click the shopping cart and affirm your purchase with the left button (saying ‘yes’, whereas the right button says ‘no’). Don’t forget to place some food in your house as this will attract pets.

Spoon Pets game

Now close the game and wait a while, hopefully there will be Spoon Pets visiting once you return.

Spoon Pets game

When the pets have left, they’ll hand you silver or even golden spoons as a way to say ‘thank you’. You also get to see them inside your ‘pet book’.

Spoon Pets game

There are three types of land expansions (available through the ‘star’ button in the menu), that look very cute. The first one – as pictured below – will cost you 120 golden spoons. You can also get golden spoons by trading silver spoons (500S = 10G) or by buying them as an in app purchase (€0.99 = 60G). At the moment I’m saving up my silver spoons ^_^

Spoon Pets game

The main difference with Neko Atsume is that there are less items available and that you can apparently dress up the Spoon Pets. But I haven’t figured out how that works yet.

You can download the game for free on Apple iTunes or Google Play.

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  1. Summer A avatar
    Summer A

    I love this game! I’ve been playing for a while now, and I’m happy to see it featured ???? To dress up your pets, you click the little hat from the menu; then you use the big arrows to scroll through the pages and the small arrows to switch pets. You click the oval button to select an accessory. You get the accessories the same way as mementos in Neko Atsume. There’s also a mini game you can play if you choose the bottom left option in the main menu. Then you click the picture of the pets near the top. Once you catch the pet you want, the left button let’s you continue and the right button takes you back. Hope this can help! ❤

    1. Natasja avatar

      Thank you so much for the help Summer! It’s much appreciated (^_^)
      I’ve been playing the game for a little longer and the pets have brought me mementos indeed, so now I can dress them up. I’ve also got the cute land expansion (still saving up for the new one) and I’m happy to see that they keep adding new things to Spoon Pets.

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