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I don’t remember exactly when I started collecting pins, but at some point I had accumulated a lot of them. I was keeping my pins in a tray on my dresser but wanted a way to display them where I could admire my pins like mini art pieces instead of watching them collect dust. Here are some cute pin displays I found on Etsy.

rainbow pin boards

I’m personally always partial to rainbow and feel like this 3D printed rainbow pin board by From A Cat (US) would compliment any pin collection, but they make pin boards in every shade if you want a monochrome display instead. They also come in many sizes and you can even pick the border color.

cat pin boards

For the kawaiiest cat frame check out Sweet Kiwi & Co (CAN). This one is also 3D printed with PLA filament and plastic mesh. Choose from a black, pink, or white kitty, or pick from their several other frame shapes like an usagi (bunny) or sakura (cherry blossom flower).

kawaii hoop pin banners

Katnipp (UK) creates some really pretty pin displays that have hand printed canvas framed in a wooden embroidery hoop. It’s hard to choose but I think my favorite is Pink Heaven.

kawaii pin banners

I think this vending machine pin banner from Nanatopia (AU) is such a brilliant idea for a pin display. I love the design and colors as well, this one is practically perfect to me!

kawaii animal pin banners

Poroful (HK) makes pin display banners of all kinds of different creatures so you’re sure to find one you like. I think the grey bunny is very cute.

kawaii pin banners

Scragster (US) also makes pin banners, but they’re a lot thinner – they almost look like ties. They come in some fun designs like Confetti, Clouds, Arcade Carpet, Cryptid, and Witchy.

I hope my picks will help you find the perfect pin display for you! There’s more kawaii display ideas in our archives too.

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  1. Suzanne avatar

    my pin display has become extremely crowded, so this is useful!

    1. Allison avatar

      Yay! Glad it was useful :) Hopefully you’ll have a nice, new pin setup soon

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