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Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

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Here’s our review of the Summer Pusheen Box! It had an ice cream theme with cute pastel kitchenware and wearables. Let’s have a look at what was inside. 

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

Shipping was delayed a little due to the pandemic but that suited me fine as I was away on holiday! Once it was on its way, it arrived very fast with no customs fees. The box design was quite simple with just a cute ice cream and speech bubble added but there were also lots of sprinkles printed inside. The vinyl figure was on a whole new level with an ice cream van (run by Pip) and a separate little Pusheen figure with an ice cream. Sadly mine has a mark on it right at the front but it’s still cute.

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this box but found a lot of fun things inside with a white, candy pink and minty green colour scheme. There were 8 items in the Summer 2021 Pusheen Box: t-shirt, apron, cooler bag, chalkboard, cookie jar, sundae glass, sticker sheets and vinyl figure. Below are my thoughts on the top 5 most interesting items and a summary of the rest.

Ice Cream Fan Club T-Shirt

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Jacket from Uniqlo, Donut pin by The Pink Samurai, Necklace by Pusheen designer Claire’s old Cute Plush brand.

I wear the Camp Pusheen t-shirt from last summer’s box all the time, and it has held up really well, so was very happy to see this. It’s almost exactly the same fit and the Ice Cream Fan Club design is extremely cute so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one too. I do think they could have chosen a different colour though as the previous t-shirt was also green – I suit green but other subscribers might hate the colour.

Cooler Bag

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

I initially thought this was a handbag/purse (like the Loungefly bag I reviewed earlier this year) but it’s actually a cooler bag. The inside has paddeed reflective material and you can fit quite a lot in there, plus there’s a sturdy adjustable shoulder strap. It’s maybe a bit too big for an everyday lunch bag but perfect for a road trip or beach day. It’s not something I would use regularly but I will definitely pick up a reusable ice pack for the freezer so it’s ready to go.


Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

This looked so cute when they shared it on Instagram but in reality it’s a little disappointing. It’s made of a thin material that can’t even be hand washed, which makes it completely useless for messy cooking and baking (you can iron it, if you got this box and were scared to try! I started on cool but a hot iron is totally fine). There’s no pockets either, but it is at least adjustable around the neck. It would still be cute for cosplay or selfies but I would much rather have something I could use a lot.

Sundae Glass

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

This was the surprise hit for me! I was impressed to discover it was a glass and not plastic and the ‘just being me’ design made me laugh. It’s on the smaller side so I’m not sure you could make a very exciting parfait in it but you can get plenty ice cream inside and it feels a bit more fancy than a bowl. I wish it was a set of 2 or included a matching spoon but I do already have a lot of cute spoons.

Sticker Sheets

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

I am always suggesting stationery for future boxes so I was very pleased to see stickers! There’s 5 adorable ice cream designs and you even get 3 sheets so I can use some and hoard some. They are matte paper stickers so not ideal for long term use but great for happy mail, journaling etc.

Final Thoughts

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box Review

As for the other 2 items, the cookie jar is a really nice design and made of painted metal with a wood-effect lid. I’m not convinced the seal is tight enough for cookies but it can be used for so many other things. We did already get a trinket jar and candy jar in previous boxes and there’s also a small mark on Pusheen. The chalkboard is a bit of a bizarre choice, especially since there’s no chalk included (being me, I already owned some in the perfect pastel colours!). I guess it could be fun for a party or as a video prop. A vertical shape would have been more useful and take up less space on a shelf.

Overall, this was a very cute theme that didn’t quite hit the mark. The items are a little repetitive, there’s some quality issues with the prints and a bit too many corners cut (no chalk, un-washable fabric for the apron, single parfait glass) I’ll definitely be using the t-shirt, sundae glass and stickers, and will probably use the cooler bag – and maybe the cookie jar too. I would have liked to see a plush this time as there were lots of kawaii possibilities there, or even an ice cream scoop as I don’t own one.

Pricing & International Fees

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. UK boxes are now shipped from a UK hub with Royal Mail labels so there’s no customs fees to pay.

There’s still time to pick up the Summer 2021 Pusheen Box if you’d like these items. Make sure to follow Pusheen Box on Instagram as they should be announcing the Fall theme soon.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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