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Let’s have a look at what’s new at Japanese kawaii brand San-X. It’s a good month with super cute new themes for Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi and a debut collection for Sugarcocomuu. Shopping links and info is at the end of the post and the collection pages also have free wallpapers.

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Let’s start with Sugarcocomuu, a sweet cotton candy rabbit born from sugar. This looks tailor made for me, as a fan of bunnies and food animals, plus I really love the soft illustration style. Sugarcocomuu is so adorable (she loves hugs and her dislikes are wind and soap!) but I might love the Cookie Bears even more. There’s also a caramel cat, roll cake squirrel, meringue seals and lots more.

Sugarcocomuu plush

Of course there are little plushies of the main characters, along with some lovely stationery, accessories and bags. I might just have to treat myself! There’s also a special gift of 5 extra wallpapers featuring the plush that you definitely want to download.

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Rilakkuma’s latest theme has a title that translates as Let’s all be full and satisfied! and celebrates the joy of eating so much pizza that you can’t move. Extremely relatable. I want to hug overstuffed food coma Rilakkuma so badly.

All the plush are so kawaii with their squirrel cheeks, full bellies and cute expressions. There’s also some stationery, pouches and accessories. The kitchen items are also so fun with pasta bowls, placemats, chopping board and salt & pepper shakers.

Sumikko Gurashi have a new mini plush collection and I would love to shop at the Sumikko Mart! There’s a plush shopping cart and cash register, a big storage pouch, mini drink keychains and so many super cute food items. The broccoli is definitely my favourite but the apple is amazing too.

Christmas may be a long way away but the first plush are here! These are made to order and won’t be available ever again – there will be a different plush collection for everyone later in the year. Choose from Santa Rilakkuma with a Christmas tree or a Shirokuma Christmas cake with bonus snowman. Orders close on July 7th and make sure to order them separately from in-stock items as they can’t be shipped together.

How to buy San-X

The collections above can all be ordered from the San-X shop from tomorrow (5th July at 10am JST) but you’ll need to use a forwarding service outside Japan. Otherwise you need to keep an eye on resellers. AmiAmi (JP) does pre-orders before release, Meccha Japan (JP) does both pre-order and in stock items, while Very Goods (JP) usually add most items within a few weeks. International shops can take longer, from weeks to many months – we recommend Cuteness (EU – also do preorders), ARTBOX (UK) and Oshoppu (UK). Use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide for more options (sadly most US shops mainly stock San-X products made for the US market) or search on Ebay and Amazon Japan.

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