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How To Buy Affordable Original Cute Wall Art

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While mass-produced art prints are a great way to fill your walls cheaply, original one of a kind art feels so much more special. You can see things like brush marks or printing layers and no one else has one exactly the same. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, though you may have to save up or be quick off the mark. Here’s a few different types of original cute wall art to look out for.


Paintings are not out of your budget as long as the artists aren’t too well known and especially if they make art at small sizes.

Original Cute Wall Art - mini paintings

One of my favourite artists Deth P Sun (USA) regularly adds small paintings around the $100-$300 range and has started selling batches of baby paintings that are only $25 each. Make sure to follow him on Instagram to see when the next sale happens.

Original Cute Wall Art - wood slice paintings

Paintings on wood slices are often very affordable and have a whimsical fairytale feel. AliceIllustrate (UK) has lots of kawaii paintings in stock for just £10 including this happy ghost.


ACEOs are Art Cards, Editions and Originals, and also known as Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). They’re a very affordable way to start collecting original art as they’re all the size of trading cards – like Pokemon! You’ll find all different types and styles of art, from detailed paintings to quick sketches.

Original Cute Wall Art - ACEO

I love these colourful marker pen sketches for £10 each by Super Cute Awesome Stuff (UK) who also has some mini paintings.

Original Cute Wall Art - ACEOs

Or grab a mega bargain – these lucky dip watercolours are 70% off at House Of Wonderland (UK) and just over £2 each!


Printmaking is hand-printing and includes screen prints, lino cuts, wood cuts and more. It’s also what I studied at art school so I have a lot of prints on my walls. There’s usually a small run of the same print available, which makes them affordable, but since they’re printed by hand there will be slight differences that make each print unique.

Original Cute Wall Art - lino print

BlockForest (UK) have a fun range of both single colour and multi-colour lino prints including this happy ice cream bear for £15.

Original Cute Wall Art - screen prints

Or how about a cat bento screen print from Autoloot (USA) for around the same price?

Other Types of Wall Art

If you’re prepared to spend more time browsing, there’s all kinds of different original wall art out there including wall hangings and embroidery hoop art.

Original Cute Wall Art - naoshi sand art

The colourful sand art of Naoshi (USA) looks so different from other mediums and while a large artwork can cost hundreds of dollars, there are smaller ones available at around $35-$90.

Original Cute Wall Art - woven rainbow wall hanging

I’m in love with these amazing woven rainbows by Yuliya Shpilevaya (Russia) that would add some colour to any wall. There’s lots of different ones available from around £50.


If you follow a lot of kawaii artists on social media, you’ve probably noticed that some take commissions. Usually this is a small set fee for their original character or fan art, or a portrait of yourself, your family or your pets. It can be a digital file to print yourself or an original painting or sketch.

kawaii custom portrait - Little Miss Paintrbrush

The one above is a portrait of me and SCK’s Nicolette in our Halloween outfits by Little Miss Paintbrush (Philippines) and below is MissMuffcake’s Animal Crossing portrait by HotaruCrossingArt on Etsy.

animal crossing custom art portrait

It’s not always easy to find artists taking commissions but most will state if commissions are open or closed on their Instagram or Twitter accounts, or may offer it as a Patreon reward. You can also search for custom portraits on Etsy. These make such cute gifts and truly are unique.

Not sure what artists or styles you like? Check our Art & Handmade category, galleries like Giant Robot and Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and artist alleys at cons (many are online this year) to find new kawaii and Japan-inspired artists. I also have mostly original art in my own home if you’d like a look.

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