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There’s so many different styles of face masks available, and so many DIYs and sewing patterns online, that it can be hard to decide what to try. I got the SCK Team together to share what’s been working for us so hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips and resources here. We’re in the UK & USA.


DIY fabric face masks

As well as the fogging issue from wearing glasses, I also discovered my ears are apparently very weak or small and won’t hold up elastic loops for long, so I’ve been trying lots of different masks, starting with DIYs. My first using Mary Robinette Kowal’s no-pattern tutorial was super quick and easy but I find the ties are too much effort for regular use. I then made Emily’s Mask with some IKEA bedding and hair elastics. It’s a bit more complicated but fits really well. I’m currently trying out a Spoonflower DIY mask kit (EU & USA) with my own design. The kit comes with everything you need for 2 masks – printed fabric marked with pleat and cutting lines + ties or elastic and instructions. I’ll do a full review on my own blog when it’s finished.

kawaii face masks

Mostly I’ve been wearing readymade masks and love this sakura patterned one by ALXNDRA (UK – sold out but more designs coming). It doesn’t have a nose wire but the elastic is really long so I can get a good seal using an ear saver clip, or just fitting around my hair if I tie it up in a tight bun. My new favourites are from Boden (UK) where I buy most of my clothes. They’re random sets made from waste fabric in their colourful patterns and include a nose wire – these fit the best of all, even over my ears. My ear savers are by Bonnie Bling (UK), available in return for a donation or to buy with a card for a friend.


I’m quite comfortable with masks now as have been wearing one pretty much every time I go outside for months and I also have to wear surgical masks at work.

kawaii face masks

The ones I use most are simple pale blue ones from Le Petit Linge Blanc (UK) which I like as they have long elastics which go over my head. I did have to add a nose wire myself but they are comfortable and have lasted very well. I tried covering one with fabric but it wasn’t entirely successful. I tried making my own mask from an old skirt which wasn’t easy when I don’t have a sewing machine or iron! It turned out pretty well and even has a filter pocket. I made Kogumachan one with the same fabric and we even have matching bows!

kawaii face masks

My latest purchase was one of Marceline’s designs on Society6 (USA). It was so hard to choose a favourite but I went for the party rings as I loved the colours. It’s well made with a filter pocket but I had to sew in my own nose wire. I also had to make an ear saver as it wouldn’t stay on my ears! It was really easy to make using some fabric from Spoonflower (also by Marceline!) and buttons. This mask is definitely my favourite and has inspired me to look for more kawaii masks to wear.


kawaii fabric face masks

I have several masks from local makers that aren’t very ‘kawaii’ but serve their purpose well enough. Since I wear glasses it’s been a challenge finding options that don’t involve major fogging issues. Overall, I’ve found the two-panel style with elastic to work best for me.

My first online order mask was from the Sweet Beanies Boutique (US) and it is my favorite mask so far! The nose wire is long enough to extend across the entire width of your face, which in my case really helped the mask form better and stay secure. It doesn’t solve the fog issue for me 100%, but I do notice a huge difference between the other masks I own.

I will most likely buy from Sweet Beanies Boutique again, but I do also have my eye on masks from Kawaii Goods, PScreated and CatheyJoCreations (all USA); they all have cute options and great reviews!


kawaii face masks

My tip: match your makeup with your mask!

Are there any shops, makers or sewing patterns you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Renee V. avatar
    Renee V.

    These sewing instructions from Gather Here in Boston are a little tricky to do the first time (be sure to watch the video tutorial), but after that it’s pretty easy.

    I’ve made more than 3 dozen for myself and relatives. This is the best design that I’ve tried so far, and it’s easy to customize by adding some sort of nose wire or clamp or ties instead of elastic, if that’s what you prefer. I like the fact that it fits well and covers the entire lower half of the face without gaping on the sides. And it has an opening for a filter.

    Just my 2 cents. :)

  2. Pauleen Potter avatar
    Pauleen Potter

    My sister is sewing face masks, she’s made and sold nearly 900 of them. She’s got a lot of Japanese sewing books and after studying various mask models and using me as guinea pig, she ended up designing her own pattern in different sizes. You can see some of her work here https://twitter.com/itsukicarol17


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