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I try not to set New Year’s resolutions for a few different reasons, mostly though because they seem so big and scary that I tend to give up before I try. Not cool! I try to work on things monthly instead and break the goals down to lil bite size pieces.

One of my goals is to get stronger. I have been doing cardio this last year and slipped with my yoga practice and my body is begging for yoga again. I also would be super happy to be able to do a pull up and lift heavier weights!

Here some kawaii workout gear that might help you get on board. These are great for home workouts or if you enjoy the gym.

Kawaii Workout Gear - cat yoga mat

This kitty print yoga mat from KESS InHouse (USA) would make me enjoy downward facing dogs a whole lot more!

Kawaii Workout Gear - rainbow leggings

Leggings are great for all sorts of workouts. This cute over the rainbow design by MerbunnyBaby (Hong Kong) may be the motivation to get you up and ready for activity!

If you have long hair like me then keeping it sweat free is a must. Make a few bunny ear scrunchies (because you know you will lose one!) and use them to keep your hair out of your face when you are doing pushups! This tutorial by Ann Le is easy to follow.

Kawaii Workout Gear - sloth socks

Don’t like your socks peeking out from your running shoes but still want cute ones? Keep your feet cute with this set of sweet sloth socks at Hot Topic (USA).

After all of the holiday spending your bank account might be gasping for breath. A new pair of workout shoes may not be possible but you can jazz up your old ones with new laces and creative ways to tie them.

If you have any workout goals please list them below!

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    Monae Smith
    August 8, 2019 at 7:11 am

    I love all the Kawaii stuff ! They are so totally awesome! 💖🧁🦄🎀🌈

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