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Cute Character Video Makes

Posted on July 14, 2016 by

If you’re looking for a fun craft project, I’ve collected some cute video DIYs featuring your favourite characters.


This Jinbe San magnetic whiteboard by Polymomo Tea is so cute! I wish San-X made these for sale as I’m not sure I have the patience to make one.


Rilakkuma fans can learn how to crochet a phone sleeve with Sweetorials. This actually looks fairly simple if you’re still a beginner.


Maqaroon combines two of our favourites with Pusheen style Neko Atsume needle felting featuring Ganache and Sassy Fran.


And there are so many cute Neko Atsume DIYs I had to pick another one – this huggable Tubbs plush by Flying Mio.


If those all seem like too much effort, take the lazy option like Gudetama with some easy no-bake cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache by Budget Hobby.

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