We welcome submissions from crafty types, cute shop owners and kawaii fans.


Everyone has a different concept of ‘cute’  – we’re looking for that extra-special level of cuteness that the Japanese excel at. Take some time to read the blog and see what we feature.

In general, everything submitted should be available for sale, somewhere. It doesn’t need to be handmade and you can self-promote your business, but it’s just cruel to show us cute things we can’t buy. Have a heart!

We also accept submissions about cute events, exhibitions, sales and offers but remember we usually work a week or two ahead so give us plenty notice!


You can email us direct with your submissions. Just check out the About page, choose which of us is most suitable and email away. Don’t email both of us at the same time – we’re individuals, you know. We much prefer a personal email to a mass mail, and please don’t subscribe us to mailing lists without our permission – we’ll unsubscribe immediately (and if we can’t, we’ll report you as spam).

Things To Note

  • We read all your emails but we don’t always have time to reply to every email, whether or not we feature you.
  • If we don’t feature you, you’re quite welcome to email us again when you have a new products.
  • You don’t need to send us lots of info or pictures – a link to your shop and a little bit about what makes you special is all we need.
  • For shop features, it’s best if you have around 10 cute items for sale so we can get an idea of your range.
  • If you’re not quite right for a full post on the blog, we might feature you on the SCK Tumblr instead.
  • We don’t feature Kickstarter projects unless they’re super-amazing and not just basically pre-orders.

Flickr Group

If you’re a member of Flickr, you can add your photos to our Super Cute Kawaii group. We keep an eye on the pool and sometimes pick out stuff to feature on the blog and Tumblr. You can only submit one photo per day and obviously, not all photos will be featured.

Facebook and Twitter

While we do have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, we’d ask that you don’t submit your site using these services. It’s much easier for us to keep track of things if we have an email to refer to.

Contests and Sponsored Posts

We don’t accept money or other bribes (however cute!) in return for a feature but if you’d like to sponsor a contest, provide a special offer code or supply items for review, we’d be happy to consider it. Of course, we will only feature shops that will be of interest to our readers. You can read more about sponsoring a giveaway here.

Guest Posts

We do not accept guest posts or advertorials. Don’t even bother.


We have advertising spots available for kawaii shops and sites – see our advertising page for more details and rates. Advertisers are featured regularly in our Super Cute Sponsor slot on Saturdays.

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