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Want to be featured on Super Cute Kawaii? We’d love to hear from you!

Before you submit your shop…

Are your products cute?
Obviously cuteness is subjective but take a look at our recent posts and make sure your submission fits in with the sort of things we post about.

Is your work original?
We see a LOT of the same stuff so make sure your work stands out and uses your own ideas. While we love a lot of fan art, we’d rather feature original designs and characters.

Do you have good photographs?
However amazing your products are, if the photos are fuzzy, cluttered, obscured by large watermarks or too small (under 400px) we won’t feature you.

Things we DON’T feature

Baby and kids stuff. While we love some of it personally, it’s not what SCK is about.
Kickstarter Projects, specifically ones that are just basically pre-orders. If you have an amazing one, or we’ve featured your work before, feel free to try us!

How to submit

If you’re submitting a product, shop, service, website, app or game, please use the Submission Form.

Running an event?

We’d love to hear from you too! Email us direct at including a web link and dates, and make sure to give us at least a week’s notice. We’re always interested in ticket giveaways/offers and the opportunity to send someone to review it in person.

Reviews and Giveaways

We don’t accept money or other bribes (however cute!) in return for a feature but we do review products, which can also be part of a giveaway feature. You can read more about sponsoring a review or giveaway here.


We have advertising spots available for kawaii shops and sites – see our advertising page for more details and rates. Advertisers are featured regularly in our Super Cute Sponsor slot on Saturdays.


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