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Want to sponsor a giveaway on Super Cute Kawaii?

How it works

We usually run giveaways on a Wednesday and keep them open for two weeks, closing on the Tuesday and with a winner announcement on the Wednesday. If you have specific requirements for dates, we can try to accommodate them.

We write up a blog post with all the details of you and your prizes, and also promote your giveaway on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to our thousands of followers. A large ad on our site also promotes the giveaway to new visitors.

We now use Rafflecopter to run all our giveaways. Usually this offers a variety of ways to enter including following your social media accounts and leaving comments on the giveaway post. Winner/s are chosen randomly and we then provide you with the winner details so you can ship out the prizes.

What we require from you

As a sponsor, you provide prize/s of your choice plus images and descriptions. Prizes can be actual products, digital products or vouchers/gift codes.

Tips for a good giveaway

Make it a great prize! Obviously, the cooler and more lucrative the prize, the more people want to win. We’re happy to help you choose a prize we think our readers will like.

Provide clear photographs! You’ll also get more entries if you have great photos of your prize. If you’re offering multiple items, photographing each item against a plain background helps tie everything together. If you’re not so great at Photoshop, don’t worry as we’re happy to create the giveaway images from your product pics.

Open your giveaway to international readers! We always prefer to have our giveaways open to all our readers, and those giveaways are way more popular too. We do accept occasional regional giveaways, but there needs to be a good reason.

Keep it simple! Offer too many prize options or make entering too complicated and people will get confused.

Think about the entry question. Is there something you’d like feedback on? Use your giveaway for market research. We can ask entrants to visit your site and leave a comment with their favourite product or character, or tell you their favourite colour combinations, product requests or anything else.

Run a review feature alongside the giveaway. We’re happy to review an item from your shop alongside the giveaway, as extra promotion and to show our readers that your products really are as cute as they look online. This can be especially helpful if your prize includes an app, kit or other interactive product. Read some of our previous reviews »

Apply to sponsor a giveaway

If you’d like to sponsor a giveaway, please fill out the form.

click here to apply

Please Note

We often work a couple of months in advance so contact us as early as possible if you have any special requirements. We can’t guarantee any specific dates for your giveaway – it’s first come first served. We will consider all applications but it’s not possible to accept everyone.


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