What do you want to know?

What’s kawaii?

Kawaii (pronounced a bit like like Hawaii), is a Japanese word that means ‘cute’. Over here, we use it to describe the Japanese style of cute, which pervades the entire Japanese society. Think food with faces, animals pretending to be furniture, furniture pretending to be food etc, etc. Monsieur Le Bun explains more here or have a read about kawaii on Wikipedia.

What are your advertising rates?

Check the advertising rates page for up to date info!

How do I get featured on the blog?

Check out our Submissions page!

How do I sponsor a giveaway?

Have a read of our Giveaway info page and get in touch.

Can I link to your site?

Please do! You can use this image if you like.

Can I use your images and/or posts on my own site?

You can repost product images, as long as you credit the shop owner or makers. Our posts are copyrighted and you cannot copy them directly without written permission. The same goes for our own banners and images. Bunny, Panda and the Le Buns are copyrighted characters and may not be used without written permission. If you wish to use any images or characters for commercial purposes you must get permission from the image owner.

You’ve posted a product that’s a rip-off of my/another brand/character!

Argh, this does happen sometimes (though only once or twice in our years of blogging!). While we obviously want to promote original designers, sometimes we’re unaware that someone is actually copying their designs from someone else. If you suspect we’ve posted about someone who’s copying please email us. If they are, we’ll remove the post and write a new one about the original designer.

What happened to Panda and/or the Le Buns?

Both Claire and the Le Bun’s decided to retire from writing about kawaii in 2014. Six years is a long time to do one thing and Claire has plenty of other things to keep her busy – check the About Page for where to find her online now. The Le Buns may return one day but I think it was one skiing accident too many for him.

Can I write for Super Cute Kawaii? Do you accept guest posts?

We’re not currently looking for new writers, but we will be looking for some occasional guest posters to report back on local events, and to write reviews and tutorials. Watch this space for news on that. We don’t accept unsolicited guest post submissions, especially not those ones where you pay us to post your spam links.

What happened to the Super Cute Kawaii shop?

It was taking up too much of our time so we decided to close it down. We both run our own shops as well as blogging for SCK (and other jobs too!) so it was one thing too many. It’s also a lot easier for everyone to buy kawaii than when we started. You can still buy Super Cute Kawaii accessories and stationery at Asking For Trouble and we may well do special sales in the future if we find some amazing kawaii we need to share.

Who did your design? Will you design my website?

All the illustrations and web design are by Marceline (Bunny). Have a look at her portfolio and get in touch if you’d like a quote.

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