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Our cutest finds for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more.

  • hannari tofu
    Seasonal Cute

    Halloween Hannari Tofu

    It’s not quite October, but I can’t wait any longer to show you these! Hannari Tofu are renowned for all their super cute seasonal designs and this year’s Halloween Ghost & Pumpkin might…

  • PawPawsStudio
    Seasonal Cute

    Springtime Sakura

    In Japan many people celebrate spring by having a picnic party under the blooming cherry trees, also known as a Hanami party. If you haven’t got sakura trees near your home, there…

  • tokyo otaku mode
    Seasonal Cute

    Easter Bunny Monday

    This is a bit of a tradition at SCK because I take any excuse to look at cute bunnies. Hope you’re having a good Easter! These little Loppy bunnies have gone straight…

  • totoro calendar 2016
    Seasonal Cute

    Kawaii Calendars for 2016

    With December almost over, it’s time to think about the new year and getting organised with a calendar. This animal calendar by Night Owl Paper Goods is super cute and it’s unique too as…

  • tofu cute
    Seasonal Cute

    Christmas Plush at Tofu Cute

    A few people asked about the adorable Christmas hamster plush Nic photographed at Hyper Japan and Tofu Cute have now added all their festive Amuse plush online. You can choose from a range…

  • Seasonal Cute

    Kawaii Christmas Decorations

    I thought I’d share a few photos of my cute Christmas decorations. I’ve been collecting festive kawaii for a few years and it’s always so much fun putting everything on display. I…

  • partymonster - zazzle
    Seasonal Cute

    Cute Christmas Wrapping Paper

    Got your gifts sorted but still looking for something cute to wrap them in? Here’s some fun wrapping paper designs I’ve spotted at on-demand sites. Love all these cute animals in jumpers…

  • momiji
    Seasonal Cute

    Christmas at Momiji

    Have you seen all the cute new Momiji dolls for Christmas? Pip the penguin, Snug Bug the yeti and festive Baby Bellota are all set to cheer up your Christmas, plus there are…

  • paperchase
    Seasonal Cute

    Christmas at Paperchase

    I always love having a browse in Paperchase and they have so much fun stuff in store for Christmas. Here’s a few of my favourites. These felt brussels sprout Christmas tree ornaments are…

  • i love crafty
    Seasonal Cute

    Autumn Kittens

    You might remember the Spring Kittens we featured earlier this year and I Love Crafty & Pony People are back with a new collection of Autumn Kittens. It’s full of mushrooms and…

  • dorkydino
    Seasonal Cute

    Lucky Black Cats

    I am here to bust the myth that black cats are unlucky. Black cats have a bad rap and are actually the least likely to get adopted from shelters. Here are some…