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  • JapanLA

    Most Wanted: Rilakkuma Nap T-Shirt

    Oh Rilakkuma I feel ya! I would rather be napping than about to go sort a pile of laundry! This shirt captures my love of naps with one of the cutest bears…

  • gudetama futon

    Most Wanted: Gudetama Smartphone Futon

    Sanrio’s Gudetama seems to be gaining popularity and I’ve also got a soft spot for this super lazy egg. Seeing these cute Gudetama smartphone futons made me very happy. I’m not sure…

  • polkaros

    Most Wanted: Polkaros Ceramics

    I love collecting handmade ceramics as they’re unique, useful and will last a long time, as long as you’re careful! Polkaros makes some of the cutest pots and dishes, painted with bright…

  • andsmile

    Most Wanted: Party Blob Sticky Tape

    As a fan of Ghibli’s soot sprites, I love the new collection at AndSmile, which features what must be their cousins – adorable mischievous blobs that come out at night and party! There are…

  • Valfre Bruno Purse

    Most Wanted: Valfre Bruno Cat Purse

    Here kitty kitty! Are you crazy about cat accessories like me? Then this Bruno cat purse from Valfre is perfect for you. Made of vegan friendly faux leather, it features a strap…

  • charuca-1

    Most Wanted: Charuca Hedgehog Pillow

    Charuca is known for her cute illustrations and her latest hedgehog creations have been well-received. I’m especially fond of the hedgehog pillow and would love to decorate my couch with it. The…

  • tofu cute

    Most Wanted – Animal Vitamin Pens

    I thought the normal vitamin pens were adorable but look at these animal vitamin pens! They come in all different colours and animals including cats, frogs, hamsters and bears, all with the cutest…

  • Noodoll

    Most Wanted: Noodoll Fruit & Veg

    I think everyone who follows Noodoll has been slowly going mad over the amazing cuteness of their new fruit and veg characters. It seems like they’ve been teasing us with sneak peeks for…

  • tentaco

    Most Wanted: Melty the Plush Octopus

    I’ve got a soft spot for octopuses. Several plush and plastic versions are living in my home and I think there might be room for one more: Giant Melty, the octopus disguised…