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  • momomints
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Cute Cacti

    I would normally have introduced this feature with a mention of my inability to keep a real cactus alive, but my latest two are growing like crazy, which is pretty exciting. There’s…

  • rilakkuma passport case
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Kawaii Travel Accessories

    If you’re jetting off on a summer holiday soon, you can keep yourself organised and stay cute with our kawaii travel picks. Keep your passport and travel documents safe with this super…

  • milkteas
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Cute Contact Lens Cases

    Whether you wear regular contacts or circle lenses, I’m sure you’ve got a couple of lens cases at home. I like to alternate the boring blue-and-white cases with kawaii ones. Opening up…

  • mokuyobithreads
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Cute Iron-on Patches

    Iron-on patches are great if you want to quickly decorate a bag or jacket and there are some amazing ones available. Here’s a few of my favourite places to shop. I spotted…

  • sanrio
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Summertime Treats

    Summer is in full swing here in California. Besides experiencing the really high temps there is loads of stuff about summer I enjoy. Everywhere you go right now is brimming with gorgeous…

  • yesasia
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Tiny Kawaii To Display

    Yesterday, I showed you some ideas for display units and now we’ll look at some kawaii to display. Filling the larger shelves is easy but finding tiny things for the smaller shelves…