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Cute Shop Alert!

New shops and makers we’ve discovered on our website wanderings.

  • nutmegandarlo
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Nutmeg and Arlo

    Recently I stumbled upon Nutmeg and Arlo. It’s a fairly new shop and the assortment is still small, but the items that have been listed so far look very promising. I hope…

  • momomints
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Momomints Amigurumi

    We’ve featured some of Momomints‘ work before but there are so many new things I had to share. The little cutie above is a limited edition and I love the little carrot.…

  • cherryrabbit
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Cherry Rabbit

    At Cherry Rabbit you’ll find pins and keychains with chibi versions of characters from Sailor Moon, Kotori, Cardcaptor Sakura and other cute anime shows. They are illustrated by Cherri, whose work is…

  • le animale
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Your Kawaii Submissions

    We’ve had so much cute stuff to post about that the SCK submissions folder has been neglected. I’m going to start picking out a few favourites every month so here’s the first…

  • Marimo Marshmallow
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Marimo Marshmallow

    Marimo Marshmallow is a web store based in Japan that sells all the cutest candy kits, snacks, kitchenware and more. Here’s a few of my favourite picks. There’s a great range of candy kits…

  • PokemonGarden
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Cute Character Pen Picks

    I was buying a few bits of cute stationery from PokemonGarden on Etsy and noticed they have a big range of adorable pens. Here’s my favourites. These bunnies were very hard for…

  • thousandskies
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Thousand Skies

    If you are a fan of animals in general and small dogs in particular, you should definitely check out the Thousand Skies shop. Elda does a great job at drawing cute and…

  • SaoZenPlush
    Cute Shop Alert!

    SaoZen Plush

    We first featured SaoZen Plush all the way back in 2013 so it was great to stumble across Sao’s work again on Instagram and see all the new things she’s been making. These little…

  • BelsArt
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Bel’s Art World

    One of my favourite stalls at Renegade London was Bel’s Art World as it was so cute and colourful. I didn’t end up buying anything, but only because it’s impossible to choose…

  • Allison Cole
    Cute Shop Alert!

    Handmade by Allison Cole

    I still like to write down notes and send people handwritten cards. Snail mail just gives a little personal touch to a message and you can send small gifts along. If you…