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Super Cute Kawaii is a daily blog of handmade cuteness and Japanese kawaii. Discovering there was no-one covering their favourite cute handmade things as well as crazy and cute Japanese kawaii, Marceline and Claire decided to start one themselves, while hanging out in Thailand.

Super Cute Kawaii was launched in September 2008 and we’ve been posting our favourite cute things 5-6 days a week ever since, along with Monsieur Le Bun and his family. It even expanded to include an online shop for a time, selling our favourite kawaii stationery and toys, plus handmade cuteness from our favourite independent designers but we closed up in 2011 to concentrate on the blog.

In 2014, after 6 years of hard work, Claire wrote her last post and moved on to new adventures! The Le Bun family also decided to retire, leaving Marceline to begin a new era of Super Cute Kawaii. A small group of guest writers have been brought on board to try out so we’ll be adding them here if/when we hire someone new.

You can also find Super Cute Kawaii on Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Current Writers



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Marceline (AKA Bunny san) is the co-founder and editor of Super Cute Kawaii. She lives by the seaside on the west coast of Scotland in a house full of so many happy kawaii plushy things that she is in a constant daze of kawaii fever. Having visited Japan three times, Marceline is enormously inspired by all things Japanese, from traditional chiyogami patterns and woodblock prints to Nintendo games and the latest San-X insanity. She especially loves bunnies, space and any kind of food object with a happy face. Marceline makes a living out of kawaii, selling illustrated stationery, accessories and gifts, working as a freelance web designer, and writing about Japan.

Email: marceline@supercutekawaii.com
» www.askingfortrouble.org
» www.marcelinesmith.com



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Nicolette is the sister of Bunny-san and also totally obsessed with everything kawaii. She lives in London with two adorable fluffy chinchillas called Maple & Truffles and wishes there were more kawaii chinchilla characters. Anything with a cute face is bound to make her squee, particularly bunnies, kitties and pandas. Nicolette earns money to buy toys for her chinnies and cute stuff for herself by working as a Dispensing Optician. She enjoys playing her 3DS XL, crafting with felt, photography and eating cake and is proud to be the founding member of the ‘Bring Back Le Bun!’ campaign. There are no other members at present.

Past Writers



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Claire (AKA Panda san) is the co-founder of Super Cute Kawaii and stepped down in August 2014. She lives in a cabin in the woods, somewhere in the middle of Scotland with a boy and a big dog who put up with her ever-growing collection of plush pillows without grumbling. Having lived in Tokyo’s kawaii twin town Bangkok for a spell, Claire can sniff out a cute emporium at 500 paces and is especially captivated by kawaii stationery featuring animals, just about anything by Artbox and Cram Cream deco tape. Like mar-c, she also has a weakness for food with faces but not in real life. A subtitler by day, Claire spends most of her free time crafting risque homewares, dreaming of ponies and looking for her next kawaii fix.
» www.thebellwether.co.uk
Monsieur Le Bun

Monsieur Le Bun
(et Famille)

Jean-Claude Le Bun IV is a world class kawaii expert who holds a degree from the Sorbunne. When not organising fantastique giveaways and mangling the English language, Monsieur Le Bun enjoys showing off his luxurious moustache at high class French bistros and skiing in the Alps with his mysterious friend Le Colonel. Jean-Claude’s wife, Celeste (often referred to in his posts as Madame), started posting herself on SCK during one of Le Bun’s frequent skiing accidents and pops in now and then with her cute French finds. They also have a son, Petit Jacques. Monsieur Le Bun retired in 2014, but is threatening to return when he feels up to it.


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