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More Pusheen Box Favourites

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Getting a new Pusheen Box to review four times a year is one of the major highlights of running SCK and even though they are sponsored reviews, it’s rarely a struggle to be positive and I end up using so many of the items. Back in 2021, I had a look back at some of the items I’d been using a lot so here’s another batch with new photos to see how they’re holding up.

Pusheen Box parfait glass

I don’t even keep all the kitchenware and yet my cupboards are still crammed full of Pusheen stuff. Despite being one of my favourite items from the Summer 2021 Pusheen Box, this tiny parfait glass had been shoved in the back ever since. I discovered recently that it’s the perfect size for my new little treat of frozen raspberries and greek yogurt and I’ve been using it most days for a couple of months now. It’s still such a nice size to hold and there isn’t even a scratch on the print.

Pusheen Box glasses

The glasses from the Winter 2020 Pusheen Box have had a lot of use and after 3.5 years, they’re still doing well. There’s a chunk missing from the burger design now but the pizza glass only has a small scratch. I do handwash all my dishes so really it’s more impressive that I haven’t broken one yet. I expect I’ll hang on to them until we get another set of glasses.

Pusheen Box

There were quite a lot of supply chain issues caused by the pandemic and my Spring 2022 Pusheen Box was missing the ceramic planter. When it turned up separately after the review was published, I was surprised at how big and heavy it was. I don’t have any big plants so instead I found a use for it in the kitchen. It really is perfect for this as all my big cooking utensils fit inside and it’s heavy enough not to topple over. The Sloth & Pusheen print is so cute too.

There’s been apparel in every box and I wear the t-shirts a lot all year round. Despite regular washing they all still look good with no holes or fading/flaking of the prints. The Camp Pusheen shirt is the oldest piece, from Summer 2020, and you’d really never guess! Other than some light cracking on the print, it even looks better than the Ice Cream shirt from Summer 2021 which I’ve worn much less often.

The hoody (Winter 2022) and sweater (Fall 2021) haven’t fared quite as well and have a lot of bobbling, even though I wash them as little as I can get away with and always individually on a short delicates wash. I have worn them so much though so I can’t really complain. Maybe if Scotland didn’t have an 8 month winter they’d be looking better. No way am I going to stop wearing them, but I hope we get more.

Pusheen Box notebook

One of the most disappointing changes happened to the notebooks from the Spring 2023 Pusheen Box. I left them in my (very sunny) studio after taking the review photos and within a couple of weeks all the colour had leeched out. This pink one was most affected and it’s really patchy as well as it was partially covered with other things. I immediately put them away in a box and have never used them so it’s all a bit sad. However, you can also see the wall hanging from the last favourites post is still doing an amazing job as a photo background!

After 22 boxes (!), I now have quite the collection of vinyl figures and ran out of space on my bookshelf. They’re now taking over the unit in my living room and I hope they don’t make too many more of the huge designs or I will run out of space there too! With the oldest design being from Winter 2016, I can definitely say these will last forever as they all still look perfect with no fading or other issues. I’m always delighted when the boxes fit in my IKEA Kallax shelves too – it’s only usually 1 or 2 a year but they make really cute storage boxes. Keep them out of direct sunlight though as they do fade.

And a special bonus! I really struggled to photograph the Summer 2023 Pusheen Box in Scotland so I recently sent some items to Arlandyia in the Philippines where she was able to try them out on summer outings. As you can see, they make a pool/beach day so much cuter!

Summer 2024 Pusheen Box Review

If you’d like to start your own collection, the Summer 2024 Pusheen Box is available for pre-order now – with a Fruits theme – or you can have a read of all our past Pusheen Box reviews. If you came here looking for any of these things, sorry but I love them all. Have a look on sites like Ebay and Vinted or Pusheen Box swap groups on Facebook. I will be selling a few of my unwanted Pusheen Box items later this summer and will give you plenty notice on the blog, newsletter and socials when that happens.

(Most of the items in this post were provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words, photographs and opinions are my own.)

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