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Kawaii Self Care Picks

Posted on February 14, 2019 by

I am all about self care in 2019. I take a few minutes a day to at least breathe and stretch and I am a fan of a weekly spa day with face masks and candles. Self care is different for everybody, it is about finding what works for you. Here is what I like – maybe it will inspire you to pick up a few of these love thy self habits!

kawaii self care

Have you ever heard that to get love you gotta give some? Sometimes to get out of a funk I write a letter to a friend.

kawaii pastel fluffy pens

I do it the old-fashioned way, complete with fluffy pen (from Paperchase – UK), stickers and a trip to the post office. My friend gets some happy mail and I get a chance to relax and get outside my problems for a minute.

Hello Kitty sleep mask

A nap is a must for me! I am the queen of ZzzZs! Taking a nap is the best for of self-care for me. It helps me feel my best. I like all kinds of cute sleep accessories like this cute Hello Kitty sleep mask. (USA)

self care face mask

This face mask is my life saver. I have a small stack of these in my closet for days when I need a 15 minute pick me up. The heart cutouts add a cute vibe to them, though I still scare the dude and cats of the house when I have one on! Cruelty free and vegan and oh so nice on the skin! (USA)

unicorn scented candle

I love making my space smell yummy. I like burning scented candles and wax when I am relaxing and trying to set a mood. I have been really diggin’ Scented Spells (USA) lately – there is a scent for everyone!

As you can see none of these are complicated and can be done around your schedule. How do you give yourself some love on stressful days?

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