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Christmas Holiday, Site Downtime & New Craft Writer

Posted on December 24, 2016 by

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With 303 posts published in 2016, I think we deserve a break! We’ll be taking a week or so off from posting, but we’ll still be active on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Look out for a fun Christmas contest on Instagram soon too…

SCK is Moving!

It won’t be a real break though as I’ll be moving SCK to new web hosting. It was always planned for the holidays but the site hasn’t been able to cope too well this month so it will be good to fix those problems. There will be some downtime as we switch over and when the domain transfers but don’t worry if the site disappears! If you get an error message or anything weird is happening, just try again the next day or check our Twitter for updates.

New Craft Writer

I hope you enjoyed the submission posts from our shortlisted craft writers – they all did an amazing job! If you missed any, here they all are.

NikkiLet’s Make Erasers Kit Review | Polymer Clay Tutorials from Creative Rachy | Popin’ Cookin’ Happy Kitchen Pizza Kit Review

Sara: Halloween DIY Decorations | DIY Tutorials by All Things Nim | Meiji DIY Apollo Chocolate Kit Review

Andi: Cute Unicorn Makes | Smile! Sanrio Characters Coloring Book Review | Popin Cookin’ Taiyaki & Dango Candy Kit Review

Hayley Lyn: Horadekita Popsicle DIY Candy Kit Review | Cute Character Makes From 
PinkSugarCotton | Popin’ Cookin’ Pudding Parfait Candy Kit Review

We’ll be choosing a winner over the holidays so look out for their first staff post sometime in January.

SCK Awards

If you were wondering what was happening with the SCK Awards, we’re taking a year off as moving the site is such a big job and would disrupt the voting. We’ll do a little giveaway and vote in January so you can still share your favourites.

Big thanks to all our readers and followers too, for commenting, sharing, entering our giveaways and generally being awesome. Stay cute and we’ll see you in 2017!

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