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Super-Cute Felt Animals Book Giveaway

Posted on February 19th 2014 by in Le Bun's Giveaways

Bonjour mes amis! If you read ze review of Super-Cute Felt Animals yesterday then you will know what I am giving away today!


Oui oui, I have une copy of Super-Cute Felt Animals by Laura Howard to give away so you can be making ze cute animals! To entrez, leave a comment telling moi which is your favourite animal?

For ze extra entry:
– Like the Super Cute Kawaii and Lupin Handmade pages on Facebook and share this giveaway with your friends.

Remembrez to leave une separate comment for each entry with your proof – I will be checking!

Le contest closes at 12pm BST on Tuesday 4th March and we will pick le winner at random.

Terms and Conditions
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Giveaway is open worldwide.
Duplicate and rule-breaking entries will be deleted at close of contest!

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71 Responses to Super-Cute Felt Animals Book Giveaway

  1. Agnieszka

    COWS <3 they have lovely eyes

  2. LISA


  3. psichopedi christina


  4. Fiona Hitchman

    I love the Guinea Pig – so cute

  5. Sarka

    Definitely bunnies.

  6. Jacqui Wise

    My favourite animal is the beautiful red breasted Robin.

  7. Mad

    I love cats :)

  8. Amy

    Can’t beat an owl!

  9. Anastasia Starz

    Cute fluffy little white bunnies!

  10. Anastasia Starz

    Liked and shared Super Cute Kawaii!

  11. MelodyJ


  12. Marina

    The owl!

  13. Melissa Graham

    I love hedge hogs!

  14. Melissa Graham

    Liked and shared on facebook.

  15. Jessica

    I’ve just popped over from Laura’s blog and wanted to put my name in the hat for her beautiful book – I would so love to win! My favourite animals are cats, though I also have a thing for cute felt/crochet foxes too!

  16. Sophia Ygay

    I love hedgehogs since they’re little spikes are so adorable!

  17. Sophia Ygay

    Liked and shared both pages on Facebook

  18. Ariadne

    I love all kinds of sea animals, especially dolphins!And I like making them from felt.So this book would be great!ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com

  19. Ariadne

    I liked and shared on facebook by the name Ariadne Skyrianidou

  20. EmSewCrazy

    That hedgehog is adorable! But so are all the rest! This looks like an adorable book!

  21. Claire (@Kurea_San)

    The hedgehog!!! Super kawaii :)
    Claire xx

  22. Elizabete

    Arctic hare ♡
    also my pug dog

  23. Elizabete

    I liked Super Cute Kawii Facebook page by the name ‘Jānis Ogle’

  24. Thea

    This book is gorgeous! I love the collie dog!

  25. aphra

    My favourite animal is definitely the cat! Its actually more of an obsession…

  26. Katie

    The Kitteh for sure!

  27. Mackenzie

    The hedgehog! They’re so cute

  28. Pauleen Potter

    Guinea pigs!!!

  29. Pauleen Potter

    Fan on Facebook of both Super Cute Kawaii and Lupin Handmade, here’s the link to my post

  30. Elizabeth

    Just found the link to your page on Laura’s Bugs and Fishes blog. I would love to win a copy of this book. Trying to decide on my favourite animal is really tough… is it a beautiful swallowtail butterfly or intelligent dolphin, a faithful & fun dog, or elegant horse so many amazing creatures to chose from but for me it’s got to be a cat. Simple because mine for all her contrary ways she such fantastic company & so super cute. :)

  31. Sam

    I currently have this book on loan from my local library & love it so to win a copy for myself would be fantastic.
    My favourite animal is a dog (particularly labradors).
    This is a great give away thank you.

  32. Helen

    Oh, it’s diffcult to choose just one favourite animal, I love them all. However, my vote goes for either the giraffe or the badger, as they’ve both had tough times recently.

    Fantastic book, and a great giveaway – thank you!

  33. vicky myers

    I think the hedgehog is my favourite:)

  34. vicky myers

    Liked the respective pages on FB, and tweeted the giveaway @vickymcreations

  35. Kay

    The giraffe has always been my favourite animal so I am really glad to see one in pride of place on the cover of the book.

  36. Kerry

    The hedgehog, though the badger has a cute little face and comes a close second!

  37. Des

    I <3 kitties, they are adorable! :D

  38. Des

    Liked and shared both posts!

  39. Daisy Swaffer

    As a Hufflepuff I have to say the Badger is my fave <3

  40. Silvia

    Thanks for this giveaway!!! I love hedgehogs :)))

  41. Rachael C

    My favourite animal is wolf! x

  42. Rachael C

    I have liked both pages and shared (Rachael Louise Cocking) x

  43. juli pear

    I love dogs! :)

  44. Jessica W.

    I love love love her book! :) My favorite animal is the squirrel! She has the “what’s up?!” face.

  45. Jessica W.

    I just liked your page and I already had Lupin in my likes! :)

  46. Susan S

    Hard to pick one favourite but chickens are lovely and we used to keep them. So interesting to watch running about, pecking and scratching :-)

  47. Itsuki Carol

    My favorite animal is the lion.

  48. Itsuki Carol

    Liked and shared Lupin Handmade on facebook.
    Here’s the link:

  49. Melissa Vink

    So cute!! The hedgehog :-)

  50. Amie

    I am a huge cat lover!

  51. Amie

    Liked and shared the giveaway. Here’s the link:

  52. Manu

    Love Laura’s works!

  53. Sherry

    I have three dogs of my own so dogs are definitely my favorite!

  54. Kat

    Absolutely adore the Hedgehog! :)

  55. Monique

    I love the badger

  56. Anna

    I love Laura’s blog and her books are currently on my Amazon wishlist, I would really love to win! My fave animal is probably a little owl, but I also like elephants too!!
    Anna xx

  57. Anna

    I have like Lupin Handmade on facebook

  58. Pippa

    I love the badger!

  59. Pippa

    Liked and shared Lupin Handmade on FB.

  60. maïté

    le hérisson. :)

  61. maïté

    liked and shared super cute kawaii on fb

  62. Jaclyn


  63. Maiz

    The least weasel is awesome :)

  64. Tia

    Stag! or any deer really :)

  65. Katiuska

    I love the Lion !!! It’s like my little kitty omg so cute !!

  66. aya san

    i like the cat

  67. aya san


  68. aya san

    shared on Facebook Here’s the link

  69. Becky B

    I love koalas :)

  70. Becky B

    liked both pages :) Becky Tsukino

  71. Venessa

    Squishy gelatinous jellyfish


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