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Blippo Kawaii Giveaway

Posted on February 26th 2014 by in Le Bun's Giveaways

Bonjour mes amis! I hope you enjoyez the beginnings of Spring. Today I have for you yet another of mon cute giveaways, this time with Blippo.

blippo giveaway

Une lucky winner will receivez all of ze above prizes – Totoro plush, Totoro soot sprite headphone jack charm, Rilakkuma soft keyring, Lotte chocolate wafers et white soda Hi-Chew candy! Tres bon, oui?

For zis giveaway, we are trying something new – Rafflecopter. You have maybe used him on other sites but it is easy to figure out. Just follow ze instructions in ze box below. Please let us know if you have any problemes with Rafflecopter so we can help and also decide whether to use him again in future.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Le contest closes on Tuesday 11th March and le winner will be picked at random. Bonne chance!

PS. Do not forget to entrez mon Super-Cute Felt Animals book giveaway aussi! I bring you ze winner next week.

Terms and Conditions
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Giveaway is open worldwide.

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24 Responses to Blippo Kawaii Giveaway

  1. phoebe kawaii

    Such an amazing giveaway I have done everything xx

  2. Pauleen Potter

    That Totoro plush is adorable!! I think Rafflecopter for giveaways is a good idea ;D

  3. Naama Shalom

    So cute. Hope I’ll win this one :-)

  4. Jenny Tynkkynen

    Aww they are so cute!! I WANT THEM!! •3•

  5. Lizzie XD

    There so cute I love them :D

  6. OonaAngel

    Aaw! Super kawaii things. :3

  7. kawaiicime

    I am a big fab of blippo and I want the prizeeeeeeeee :P

  8. Courtney

    Very easy way to sign up for giveaways! :)

    One thing I noticed, that you may want to fix, is that on the last sign up section, for Super Cute Kawaii’s tumblr, it has the link to the Blippo Kawaii Shop’s tumblr instead of yours. Just wanted you to be aware if you needed to fix it! :)

  9. Sarah

    Awww this is all so cute n.n

  10. Katiuska

    A so cute giveaway ; i love it !

  11. Roykawaiiza

    Here is Super Cute Kawaii’s Tumblr URL: . Hope this helps :)

  12. mar-c

    The Tumblr entry has now been fixed – thanks for letting us know, and please do follow us there!

  13. Ria Alemina

    I love cute things, this is amazing! Thank you for this super cute giveaway! Kawaii! XD

  14. Lolita Singwatt

    I love your giveaways! I hope to win !

  15. ISA VAL

    lovely, hope to win!

  16. Samantha Smith

    I think your toys are so cute!!

  17. Rhea Liza Muñoz

    hope to win

  18. Helena

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    Fingers crossed!

  19. Federica

    Adorable <3

  20. karla

    I wish I coud win I have never win in my life I swear to good crus my heart I had never won a lot of things like squishies of hello kitty or other things of other things so im hopping I win good luck to me si if I win please send me a message on facebook im karla aguilar with a emo girl sitting down

  21. Irit

    I think Rafflecopter is perfect for giveaways. For example, if you ask for a Twitter/Tumblr name, each entrant has to leave it, and you don’t have to weed out the cheeky people who haven’t followed the rules. :-P

  22. Wafa

    I love Blippo!

  23. Wafa

    I hope I can win this giveaway

  24. Ilona

    TOTORO! Want it! Want it! Want it!
    I want to win and hug Totoro!


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