Les Voyages de Kawaii

Les Voyages de Kawaii: Italy

Posted on March 6, 2013 by

Bonjour mes amis! I am on les vacances again. I visit Italy this week and of course I look for ze kawaii for you.


How do you like ze Sushi Bag from 8BlackShop? It is tres kawaii non?


Of course in Italy, you must try gelato. The ice lolly bracelet by MaChatNoir is just as good!


If you are liking ze kawaii clothing, you should make sure you visit Milk Shop!


It is Alice in Wonderland, oui? This tres charming bracelet is by Alchemian Shop.


Et finallement, another from MaChatNoir. I am thinking Bunny-san will be liking zis bunny!

Where should I visit next mes amis? Tell to me and maybe I will come. I returnez soon with more of le giveaways. Au revoir!

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