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Ask Le Bun – Valentine Edition

Posted on February 7, 2013 by

Bonjour, mes amis. Le Bun is here on une Thursday! I am feeling all of ze quiver at being on ze wrong day, but oh, alors, I had ze terrible day yesterday. I am standing on ze cable for ze internet and breaking it! Oh, mon dieu, it was une catastrophe! But Le Colonel came to help me fix it and I am back today, merci to him.

Alors, now I am telling to you of ze lettre I receive from a reader asking moi which valentine gift to send to their cherie! Well, bien sur, Le Bun is  perfect to answer ze question as I am Le Bun d’amour!


Ze mochi in ze heart shaped box from Hello Kokeshi is tres cute, non?


Or perhaps just une card – ze snuggling bear from Happy Dappy Bits is parfait for Madame Le Bun, non?


Mon amis Panda and Bunny have ze cartes romantique, aussi! Zis sweet pancake card by Bunny I think I will send to petit Jacques.


Et ze robots card from Panda I will send to le Colonel to thank him for his help avec le internets and to say Happy Valentine’s Day to him avec his bonne femme.


Et finalement, ze magnets from WooHue will be romantique all ze year long!

Maintenant, I must preparez for mon next giveaway, coming to you in less than one week! Haw hee haw! Tres excitement! Rememberez to enter ze Konoko giveaway before Monday! A bientot!

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