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Posted on April 11, 2012 by

Bonjour, mes amis! Le tres generous bun is back to be giving you another of ze awesomeing prizes! I am too good to you all, non?

Mes petits, you are knowing that I am ze bun of international renown and zat I am having all of ze good friends in ze kawaii world. Why, we are always having ze kawaii dinners with our guests to Le Bun Manoir, haw hee haw! Today, I am telling to you about mon ami Plastic Bat who are having ze new website. Regardez!


Ze designs are bright and colourful, non? Tres jolie! Regardez ze tres belle whale:

Plastic Bat are giving away one item to a lucky reader and all you are needing to do is to pick your favourite piece from ze new website here.

Ze winner will be sent ze item that they choose – magnifique! Ze competition is open internationally and entries must be made by midnight GMT on April 22nd.

Please to be entering and I will be selecting ze winner from ma chere Celeste’s chapeau, haw hee haw!

Bonne chance et au revoir, mes amis!

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