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Plastic Bat Giveaway

Posted on April 11th 2012 by in Le Bun's Giveaways

Bonjour, mes amis! Le tres generous bun is back to be giving you another of ze awesomeing prizes! I am too good to you all, non?

Mes petits, you are knowing that I am ze bun of international renown and zat I am having all of ze good friends in ze kawaii world. Why, we are always having ze kawaii dinners with our guests to Le Bun Manoir, haw hee haw! Today, I am telling to you about mon ami Plastic Bat who are having ze new website. Regardez!


Ze designs are bright and colourful, non? Tres jolie! Regardez ze tres belle whale:

Plastic Bat are giving away one item to a lucky reader and all you are needing to do is to pick your favourite piece from ze new website here.

Ze winner will be sent ze item that they choose – magnifique! Ze competition is open internationally and entries must be made by midnight GMT on April 22nd.

Please to be entering and I will be selecting ze winner from ma chere Celeste’s chapeau, haw hee haw!

Bonne chance et au revoir, mes amis!

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73 Responses to Plastic Bat Giveaway

  1. Abigail

    Wow! I love the new site. It looks great.

    My favourite item is:

    The adorable camera necklace.

  2. Sarah

    So many cute things! I love both the Deer necklace and the Polkadot bunting necklace most D: but I think if I really had to pick one it would have to be the cute deer c:

  3. Ella Daish

    Loving the new website, and so many designs to choose from to be a favourite! The striped bunting is my favourite <3 I just love it so much <33333

  4. Celine S

    Everything is so cute!
    I love the Stormy Weather earrings:

  5. Emma

    Gah! It’s all so adorable. But it’s this that really stands out to me!

  6. Sophie

    I love this wee guy, I think I need him in my life :)

  7. Laura

    Lots to choose from and the glittery elephant necklace was catching my eye, but I think I’d have to choose a bunting necklace, probably the one with the stripes.

  8. Tam :)

    I ♥ Polaroid Necklace!!
    An instant winner for me, would go perfectly with my already purchased camera necklace! :) xx

  9. Sarah

    The whale necklace is totally my favourite. The tiny heart charm with it is so sweet and I love his happy face.

  10. Shari

    I love the hot air balloon necklace! so cute <3

  11. Samantha

    I like the floral heart necklace. they are all so cute! :)

  12. Tiffany

    Definitely the postcard from paris necklace(:

  13. rebecca keim

    le poloroid stuffs :D I love photos like that

  14. Emily

    I love the happy acorn necklace.

  15. Shae

    I like the “Stormy weather” necklace :D

  16. Gulnoza

    With so many awesome things, it’s so hard to choose! I especially love the deer necklace and the vintage kitten necklace as well. Another fab giveaway :)

  17. Edna

    The kitty necklace is my absolute favorite! :)

  18. Koori

    Waaa~ so cute :3
    My favorite is the “Vintage Floral Heart Necklace (Cream)” ♥

  19. Szappanbubi


    My fav is the Hot Air Balloon Necklace


  20. Toria

    I live the acorn and elephant necklace! I can’t pick which is my favourite!!! :D

  21. Teresa

    I love the deer necklace the stormy clouds and the kitten necklace they are my favorites!

  22. Tanya

    The hot air baloon is super cute!!!

  23. Lara

    I love the ‘Bubbles’ Necklace!

  24. Jamie Martin

    This is the best one!

  25. Katja

    this would have to be my favorite because it can go with almost practically anything and it is uper cut! :3

  26. Katja

    sorry for my last post i meant cute!

  27. Katja

    i mean this is just awesome cute!
    it is also the first time i tried a contest! it is very stormy where i am.So this will hopefully brighten up my mood. :3

  28. Lu

    Everything is soooo cute!
    I love the I <3 polaroid necklace and the whale necklace n.n

  29. sam

    if i had to choose it would be the little happy acorn necklace i chose this because i suffer from depression and seeing that little guys happy face would brighten up anyone’s day!! such a fantastic and imaginative design :)

  30. Meghan T.

    My favorite piece is the Viva Las Vegas Necklace! It is sooo cute! And one of my favorite places to go! :-D

  31. Doris

    I like the Glitter Key Necklace.

  32. Eric

    My wife would love the rainy day earrings.

  33. Linda

    ALL of the items from plastic bat are great. But the little happy acorn necklace is so cute and just makes me happy. i would love to have it to look at it because my parents have divorced recently and … its hard.
    but it would make my day if i won this ~ thank you :)

  34. Hayley

    I love the rainy day earrings and the prize fish necklace! What a lovely store, and thanks for another awesome giveaway :)

  35. Binks

    Ahh man! There is way too much cuteness going on. I have favoriteS: Striped Bunting necklace, Happy Acorn necklace, and Hot Air Balloon necklace. So amazing.

  36. va

    Lost Love Letter Necklace , kitten necklace , and floral print heart .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  37. Albatros

    I love all items, but my favourite is the Bounting Necklace! It’s very cool!

  38. Sofia

    this website has the cutest stuff! my favorite necklace is the Prize Goldfish-

  39. Laura

    I love the Hung up necklace, it’s so cute!!!

  40. Siouxsie

    All items are so nice, my favourite one is the Sad Geek necklace!^^

  41. Amanda Petrov

    I love all of the items at the shop, but if I had to pick one to have it would be the Welcome to Las Vegas necklace!

  42. Olivia Petrov

    Definitely, the Prize Goldfish necklace!

  43. Victoria Petrov

    Happy acorn necklace! So kawaii!!!! ^_^

  44. Angela Petrov

    Im sort of a camera nerd, so the the I heart Polaroid necklace!

  45. Liz J

    It’s got to be the bubble necklace! So unique and adorable and fun. Just what I love in kawaii jewellery. =D

  46. Allie S

    Aw the Rainy day earrings are absolutely adorable, but I still think my favorite is the Kitten necklace. ^__^ I love kitties. =^w^=

  47. Marie

    I like the Hung Up Necklace, is super cute *_*

  48. SHINeeUKshawol

    aaawww the jewellery on that site are so cute!!!
    i seriously love the glitter key necklace!!

  49. :)fromUS

    This site makes me smile, especially the Rainy Day Earrings. So delicate, but what a statement!

  50. Nimz

    loving this cute bow brooch!
    i like the blue version the most!!

  51. Ashlynn

    Wow, everything is so cute and delicate! I love the happy acorn necklace!

  52. Mei

    Love this one:

  53. Stephanie

    awww, everything is so cute!! I really love the elephant necklace!!!

  54. Mindy

    Ohh this site is full of cute things!
    My favorite product is the Glitter Anchor Necklace:
    I love glitters!

  55. Courtney

    My favorite is the kitten necklace. Soooo cute!

  56. rachael

    Love the hot air balloon! They’re all super cute.x

  57. Moose

    I want the Happy Acorn Necklace. Super kawaii! Is that how I enter the competition?

  58. Crystalskully

    this one!! mmmmmm ice cream!

  59. zineb

    wow,what a wonderful giveaway I loved all of the items Especially Deer Necklace
    It’s beautiful

  60. zineb

  61. Laura

    Mes favourite will be ze acorn- it is just so unbelievably cute and petite, no? I would love to be ze owner of zis jolly petite acorn…

  62. Kashmir

    Happy acorn necklace! AWWWWWWWW

  63. M.D.Luffy
    this is nice!!

  64. Erica

    I thought the elephant necklace was cute but the glitter version is a million sprinkles more adorable!

  65. Jenny

    i love this happy acorn necklace!

  66. Ellen

    My favourite’s the Vintage floral heart necklace in cream <3

  67. Tori

    I would love the Happy Acorn Necklace! <3

  68. Kristy

    Haha so cute! :D
    I love the camera necklace :]

  69. Kristy

    and the I <3 Polaroid necklace

  70. Kristy

    Ahh so much cute stuff… the Geek necklace

  71. Kristy

    and the Lost Love Letter necklace… this one is so cute :DD

  72. Lorna

    I really love the airmail brooch- it reminds me of happy days as a kid receiving things from penpals.

  73. Axanna

    I ♥ Polaroid Necklace is my favourite for sure hehe!


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