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Fabric en Francais

Posted on February 15th 2012 by in Le Bun L'amour

Bonjour mes cheres! It is I, Celeste, back to show you pretty things en francais! I am making the new curtains for our home and found these oh-so-cute french fabrics on Spoonflower. Which do you think I should use?


French cats by Green Couch Studios?


Chihuahuas in Paris by Kiwi Cuties?


or bunnies who say bonjour by Heather Dutton?

I’m sure I cannot be deciding! Bisous mes amis and do not forget to enter Jean-Claude’s giveaway with Di Depux! He will be back next week to tell to you the winner!

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6 Responses to Fabric en Francais

  1. Rina

    Bunnies who say bonjour! It’s more colorful. :3

  2. Punkita

    I agree!!!
    Good post!!

  3. Brittany Chenteale

    I love the bunnies one the best!

  4. Gulnoza

    They are all so fab! I can’t decide…

  5. kiwi cuties

    BIASED OPINION: I like the chihuahuas myself ;p
    Thank you for considering my fabric and for the shout-out.

  6. Rebekah

    I love the Bunnies who say Bonjour and also think it would make rockin’ curtains!


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