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Di Depux Giveaway

Posted on February 8th 2012 by in Le Bun's Giveaways

Mes cheres! It is time for another giveaway! I am being tres generous zis year, non? Today we have ze magnifique jewellery from Di Depux! Ze winner can be choosing any DEUX items from le Di Depux shop, including necklaces, brooches, earrings and more. There is much to choose from so I think you will be finding it tres difficult!

To entrez, please to tell us what are your two favourite Di Depux products?

You can also be receiving ze extra entries:

1. Follow @didepux on Twitter and make a tweet about le giveaway with a link to zis very post.

2. Like Di Depux on Facebook

3. Follow le Di Depux blog

Please to make sure you are leaving ze separate comment for each entry or they will not be counted!

Le giveaway is closing at 12pm GMT on 20th February and I will pick ze winners at random. Bonne chance mes amis!

Also! If you cannot be waiting, we have le discount code for you. Use code FEBLOVE for 20% off your order until ze giveaway is closed.

PS. If you are looking for ze winners of le Cupcakes Craft giveaway, I will be choosing them soon.

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69 Responses to Di Depux Giveaway

  1. Ella Daish

    My two favourite di depux products are:
    1) Cute Panda Necklace
    2) Cute Popsicle necklace

    It was hard to pick just two!

  2. Ella Daish

    I have followed on twitter as @ellaalovee and i have also tweeted about the giveaway.!/ellaalovee

  3. Ella Daish

    I have added as a friend on facebook because you can’t like it, as Ella Daish

  4. Ella Daish

    And i have also followed the blog, as ella daish! :3 thanks for the amazing competition!

  5. Mindy

    Wow! I like a lot Acrylic Plexiglass necklace or Brooch printed laser cut ”HAIR TREE” Kawaii that is soo cute and Acrylic Plexiglass necklace Frame!

  6. Sakura

    I love the GIA PANDA Kawaii Acrylic Plexiglass glitter necklace and the Harajuku girl necklace. So kawaii!
    Visit my shop :

  7. Sakura

    Followed on twitter! I’m @KKCharms
    Visit my shop:

  8. Céline L.

    The GIA PANDA Kawaii Acrylic Plexiglass glitter is so pretty!

  9. Céline L.

    Oups, my finger slipped on the enter button and I didn’t finish my message. I also love the MMM AMORISSIMI Printed Acrylic!

    I’m a follower using Bloglovin’!

  10. Irit

    My favorite is the name necklace, which I also own. :-)

  11. Irit

    I have been following Di Depux’s Facebook page for a while now (as Irit C.).

  12. Irit

    I follow Di Depux’s blog via GFC (and I also read it in Google Reader).

  13. Sanna

    I’ve followed them on Twitter and made a tweet about the giveaway :D!/_Evelynee_/status/167270033058312192

  14. Sanna

    I’ve liked them on FB as Sanna von Schmalensee :D

  15. Sanna

    I’m following their blog ^_^

  16. Irit

    I tweeted:!/maliciouscandy/status/167270830257094659

  17. Sanna

    I LOVE all of their products, they are so awesome! It is definitely my favorite jewelry store. My two absolute faves are:
    1. Big ice cream necklace
    2. Cassette necklace

  18. Despoina

    all of the products are awesome ande two best are: 1)the harayoku girl necklace
    2)the cloud necklace

    -following her on facebook as Despoina Dvořák.
    -following her bloglovin as

  19. Tara Bate

    My fav items are the:
    1, Gia Panda necklace because it combines my love of glitter, bowties and a super cute panda
    2, Fab Kawaii Popsicle necklace with it’s super cute face ^_^

  20. Cupcake

    Ah! Okay, so my two favorites are the Harajuku Girl Necklace, and the Personalised laser cut acrylic Flower name necklace!

  21. Cupcake

    Made a tweet about this contest and Followed her on twitter:!/goreyhippie/status/167350186916589568

  22. Cupcake

    Added her on Facebook! Brittany Collins or my url is

  23. Cupcake

    Following her blog with bloglovin’ and google!

  24. SarahK

    I love the dimond neckles and the popcicle neckles. Go DiDepux!

  25. Gulnoza

    Wow, so hard to choose but I really love the custom-made “your name” necklace, and also the Pop Corn Kawaii Acrylic glitter necklace.

  26. Gulnoza

    Followed their blog too! (as Knittinggirl)

  27. Kristy

    My favorite items have to be the petite necklaces. They’re so cute and it fits me. :]

  28. Bonnie

    Love love love the “Rainbow Tea” and “Cassette” necklaces!

  29. Bonnie

    Followed the blog too :D

  30. Koori

    Waaa~ so many pretty items ♥ it’s difficult to choose just two hehe. My favorites are:
    “CLOUD Kawaii Acrylic Plexiglass glitter (necklace)”
    “Acrylic Plexiglass necklace Frame”

  31. Koori

    I’m following Di Depux blog :3

  32. jc

    Love these 2 pendant necklaces, super kawaii:

    (1) The Eqyptian

    (2) The Black Bunny

  33. missmuffcake

    i like the single name and love name necklaces!

  34. Courtney

    Love the GEEK GIK AMORISSIMI necklace and the wings in my heart necklace!

  35. Courtney

    Followed on Twitter and tweeted about it.

  36. Courtney

    Followed her blog!

  37. Koori

    I’m following Di Depux on Facebook :D

  38. cici

    Acrylic Plexiglass printed laser cut ”KAWAII COASTER” and Thunders Acrylic glitter hairclips. very cute secondary decorations that just bring personality!

  39. Meghan

    My favorite two products are the:
    Rainbow Love Necklace or Brooch and the
    ICE CREAM STRAWBERRY Kawaii Acrylic Plexiglass glitter (necklace or Brooch)

    Soo cute!!!!

  40. Meghan

    I tweeted about the contest :-D

  41. Meghan

    Friended her on Facebook!

  42. Meghan

    And I am now following her blog :-D

  43. Danielle

    I love the the wings in my heart necklace and the GIA PANDA Kawaii Acrylic Plexiglass glitter necklace!

  44. Sarah

    My fav products are the ice cream strawberry necklace and the kawaii harajuku girl necklace, but everything is awesome though c:

  45. Sarah

    and I’ve already been following DiDepux on Twitter for some time @sarahsaarcasm!

  46. Sarah

    also following the blog with GFC now!

  47. Celine S

    My two favourite items are the black Coo Coo Clock brooch and the black acrylic with purple Swarovski heart earrings. X3

  48. Celine S

    Following Di Depux on Twitter.

  49. Stephanie O

    I am following on Twitter.

  50. Stephanie O

    I friended on Facebook; there’s no option to like the page.

  51. Stephanie O

    I’m following her blog, and my two favorite items:

  52. Allie S

    Aww, there’s just so many cute things!! :D My favorite items are the Starlight Necklaces and the Pink Mirror Bear Earrings. :D

  53. loretta

    My favorite products are and
    Good luck to everyone!

  54. loretta

    I made the tweet!

  55. loretta

    I am friends on facebook!

  56. loretta

    I followed the blog!

  57. kleiw

    my lovable ones are : and

  58. kleiw

    we are friends on facebook!!!!

  59. Rina

    I think these two are really cute ; u ;

    My birthday is the day after valentines! This would be such an awesome present!

  60. mary

    COO COO CLOCK Brooch,and kawaii coaster. so adorable!

  61. va
    tumblemumbo at

  62. Selene
    the panda one is to die for :)

  63. xxsquigglesxx

    I follow Di Depux blog on bloglovin (xxsquigglesxx)

  64. SHINeeUKshawol

    *in tears* this is too hard!!!
    i. Starlight necklace
    2. Peace swarovski necklace

  65. Charlie


    It’s so cute!!


    Well, I think i like all the glittery ones, then! but the shop is so cute and the items look amazing!

  66. Crystal Skull

    i love and

  67. Carizza

    my two favourite items are:
    1. Amorissimi Little Brooches (set of 3)
    2. Original Watercolor

  68. Carizza

    I followed di depux on twitter and tweeted them a link to this post! @carizzatabobo

  69. Carizza

    and I friend’d di depux on facebook, since you can’t like the page. xo


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