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Bonjour, mes amis. Tis I, Le Bun, here to tell to you my latest kawaii
adventures. I am knowing zat you are always on ze edge of ze chair waiting for mon news,  non?

Zis week, I am in ze Alps in Switzerland avec le petite Jacques. He is teaching to me the safer way to be skiing. You must be remembering zat I have ze accident a while ago on ze snow – zis is why ma belle bun Celeste is not knowing where we are, haw hee haw! Ma belle Celeste is thinking we are looking at ze model railway but we are on ze slopes and eating beaucoup de petite gateaux!

Maintenant, I am telling to you about ze giveaway I have for you zis time. La tres jolie Yeni from Cupcakes Craft is providing ze prize magnifique! Regardez, the I Love You Kit:

It is containing:

Button Up Canvas Coin Pouch
Crown Ballpoint Pen
Countryside Mini Notebook
Candy Series Adjustable Ring
Sweet Shop Pen & Lip Gloss
Sweetie Heart Bracelet

Ze tres generous prize, non? To be in with ze chance of winning, please to visit the Cupcakes Craft website and tell to us what your favourite item is. What would do with it?

For ze additional chance to be winning, you can be following Cupcakes
Craft on Facebook here. For yet another chance to win, leave a comment on Facebook introducing yourself.  So you can be having 3 entries, ooh la la!

To be in ze draw, please to be making your entry before 6th February at midnight GMT. I will be choosing ze winner from Jacques ski boot, haw hee haw!

Now I am going to ze slopes for one more run before ze hot chocolat break.

Au revoir et bonne chance!

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