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Cupcakes Craft Giveaway

Posted on January 25th 2012 by in Le Bun's Giveaways


Bonjour, mes amis. Tis I, Le Bun, here to tell to you my latest kawaii
adventures. I am knowing zat you are always on ze edge of ze chair waiting for mon news,  non?

Zis week, I am in ze Alps in Switzerland avec le petite Jacques. He is teaching to me the safer way to be skiing. You must be remembering zat I have ze accident a while ago on ze snow – zis is why ma belle bun Celeste is not knowing where we are, haw hee haw! Ma belle Celeste is thinking we are looking at ze model railway but we are on ze slopes and eating beaucoup de petite gateaux!

Maintenant, I am telling to you about ze giveaway I have for you zis time. La tres jolie Yeni from Cupcakes Craft is providing ze prize magnifique! Regardez, the I Love You Kit:

It is containing:

Button Up Canvas Coin Pouch
Crown Ballpoint Pen
Countryside Mini Notebook
Candy Series Adjustable Ring
Sweet Shop Pen & Lip Gloss
Sweetie Heart Bracelet

Ze tres generous prize, non? To be in with ze chance of winning, please to visit the Cupcakes Craft website and tell to us what your favourite item is. What would do with it?

For ze additional chance to be winning, you can be following Cupcakes
Craft on Facebook here. For yet another chance to win, leave a comment on Facebook introducing yourself.  So you can be having 3 entries, ooh la la!

To be in ze draw, please to be making your entry before 6th February at midnight GMT. I will be choosing ze winner from Jacques ski boot, haw hee haw!

Now I am going to ze slopes for one more run before ze hot chocolat break.

Au revoir et bonne chance!

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65 Responses to Cupcakes Craft Giveaway

  1. Ana

    Wow! Such a cute giveaway! I love the plastic covered notebooks, because They would be great to decorate and personalize. I always like to keep spare notebooks around for when I have really good ideas.

  2. Lala

    I love the camera pendant necklace! Its all super cute though!

  3. Sarah

    It’s all so cute! But especially the Happy Life Dairy 25-Piece Stamp Set is lovely ^^

  4. Sum Lai Chuan

    Hi, it’s Lai Chuan here. Love those stamps set, every single of them. they are all super cute!!i can use them endlessly on my craft and cards project all day long…i m a big fan of making own greeting cards…those stamps are the best!!!!x

  5. Allie

    I REALLY love the cat coin purse. I would definitely use it to keep all the change my fiance gives me. XD

  6. Leigh

    The band aid sticky memo pad of course! I would take it to work in my doctors surgery :)

  7. Patricia

    My favourite is the shopalic bracelets set! Awesome and sooo cute!
    You feature the best shops!

  8. cici

    Button Up Canvas Coin Pouch. I would store change. It’s home will be in my purse.

  9. Patricia

    I´m following on Facebook too!

  10. Caitlin

    I think my favorite is the button up canvas coin pouch in both designs :)

  11. Caitlin

    P.S. I’m also following on Facebook and introduced myself :)

  12. Meghan

    I love their Ear Drops Aqua Series 4 Earphones Pink! I constantly have my music on and love how they would sparkle in my ears while listening!

  13. Meghan

    I liked them on Facebook!!!

  14. Meghan

    I introduced myself too!

  15. Lu

    I love the Finger it sticky memo pad, because they are just perfect to mark important pages on my books!!
    I liked the on Facebook.

  16. Yoshi

    Hi there :)
    I would choose the Schedule-It Sticky Memo Pad and would definitely use it for my study :) Sooooo useful! Amazing ^^


  17. Anika B

    I love this giveaway! I hope to be lucky and win all this things hehe :D
    I can’t decide just one favourite product because I like all of them ^^
    Some of my favourites are: Yellow Tin Box Wooden Stamp Set,Little Girl Wooden Stamp,Happy Life Dairy 25-Piece Stamp Set,Diary Cuti 15 Pc Rubber Stamp Set and Pura Girl Weekly Planner….
    I would use all these to decore my notebook and my calendar…to remember everything I have to do with more happyness (and don’t stress) haha

    Ana ^^

  18. Anika B

    I follow cupcakes crafts on facebook!! ^^
    My fb: Ana Gutiérrez ^^

  19. Sakura K

    I lllllooooovvvvvveeeee the milk carton pencil case! I really need this because my BFF broke my other pencil case the other day. :( so now I am looking for a kawaii replacement!!
    visit my site!

  20. Fiona Hitchman

    So much to chose from, but i love the Royalty Metal Bookmark King, very regal is any good read.

  21. Mandy

    My favorite was the checkered thin pen. It was so cute, and would be good for doodles!

  22. Taylor

    I love the belt buckle earrings the best, they’re so cute and unusual!

  23. Athena Franco

    Eek, everything is so cute! I especially love the decorative tape. I would use it to prettify all my letters!

  24. Tiffany

    I love the meow retro cat ring. So cute! And I need a ring sing my other favortie one broke> :(

  25. Tanya

    I would love to wear the Camera pendant Necklace So Cute:)

  26. Tanya

    I like Cupcake Crafts on facebook

  27. Cupcake

    I love the pura girl weekly planner the best! I love planners haha. I also followed on Facebook and commented under Brittany Collins. :]

  28. Natalie

    ALl their necklaces!!! so cute. i’d wear them everyday :)!!

  29. Marisol

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Such a difficult choice to make but I think I would go for the Pink Tin Box Wooden Stamp Set.
    I have followed Cupcakes Craft on Facebook and commented as Sunny Sajof. Fingers crossed for all!

  30. lorena

    oooohhhhh I love all the kit, it is beautiful, sooooo sweet and cute… you made a great job, congrats.

  31. Ebony w.

    I really love those apple headphones, i have to say they’re my favorite, i’d use those to listen to cute songs while i enjoy browsing that site for other cute things to buy <3
    *following on facebook

  32. Helena

    I like the patterned stamps. I’d use them for my home-made journal project. ^_^

  33. Helena

    Followed on facebook :)

  34. Cupcakes Craft

    Hi Everyone!
    Just letting you guys know that I’m following this post, and love all the messages that you guys wrote. Keep it coming!

  35. rocio

    my favorite one is the happy rabbit phone strap

  36. Jai

    My fav would definetely b the milk carton pencil case >< It'so cutee! I'm considering if i should buy it or not.. :p

  37. Aline

    I like the Happy Angel Coin Purse

  38. Aline

    Like Cupcake Crafts on FB

  39. Aline

    Left a message on Cupcakes wall telling them you sent me.

  40. mary

    LED Portable Folding Light. It very handy and portable whenever i need extralighting to walk through my room in the dark

  41. SarahK

    I love the the bicycle earrings.

  42. Jai

    Liked you on Facebook as Jai Lee :)

  43. Tiffany

    liked on FB

  44. Tiffany

    and commented(: love those bicycle earrings

  45. Kimberly

    Hi! I mostly love the kitty cat coin purse! It would fit inside my purse nicely! :) Thank you for the cool giveaways! :)

  46. tk

    I like the ipod humming sleeve case and the polka dotted pencil case! So cute to tuck into my backpack!

  47. tk

    I follow on Facebook too

  48. Gulnoza

    My favourite item is the retractable strawberry tape measure! But everything in the shop is cute :3

  49. Brooke

    I love the Milk Carton Pencil case

    I have so many Kawaii pencils so it would be perfect!!

  50. Rii

    My favorite item is the Happy Life Dairy 25-Piece Stamp Set. I would use it to decorate things in my room and to make my letters look cute :D

  51. anna

    The bandaid sticky notes for only FOUR DOLLARS are my fave!

  52. mpa4e

    I just love love loveeeeee the Water Color Art Journal!!!!! I would spend so much time writing my memoir in it!

  53. Carlene

    Bicycle Eaarings! I’d bicycle all round town collecting matching flowers in my basket :)

  54. Hiroo

    I love the candy coloured headphones! I need new ones, my apple ones suck D;

  55. mindy

    I think my favourite is the My Name Is Happy Ballpoint Pen :)

  56. Jenn

    I love the gum earphones. I need new earphones so bad! :)

  57. Jenn

    I liked you on fb.

  58. Jenn

    I introduced myself on you fb page. :)

  59. Safa

    loved The Mice & Princess Necklace.supa dupa cool ! Needs a necklace to match with my new pink dress :3

  60. SarahK

    I love the Sweet Shop Pen & Lip Gloss so cute!!

  61. Kathie

    I love the “I Love You” kit. The countryside mini notebook has a nicely decorated cover. The pen and stickers also come in handy as well as the coin purse. I would probably bring the kit to school and use it whenever I needed to write something down.

  62. Koori

    Hello ^^ my favorite item is “Ear Drops Aqua Series 4 Earphones Pink” they’re so cute, I would wear them always when I listen music… they’re so pretty and looks like earrings.. kawaii~♥

  63. Koori

    I’m following Cupcakes Craft on Facebook ♥

  64. Rachael C

    I would love any of the band aid memo pads they are so cute it’s amazing! I am always marking pages in books and notes here there and everywhere. These would be perfect as I always lose mine. The Band Aid ones especially are too cute to lose! :) xxx

  65. Rachael C

    I liked on FB too Rachael Louise Cocking :) Great giveaway thank you!


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