Les Voyages De Kawaii: South Africa

Bonjour, mes amis! Tis I, Monsieur Le Bun, le correspondent de kawaii reporting to you once more from ze field.

It is being quite ze while since I am taking ze passing-port and going on ze travels, but just recently I am being invited to ze secret international summit on all ze things kawaii to be ze guest speaker – for I am ze expert, non? Le summit is in South Africa, tres belle country. Here is some of ze local kawaii I am finding.

Ze fat robin brooch is reminding Le Bun of looking in ze mirror, haw haw! From Gen Motley.

Ze croc with ze concertina – I am seeing him busking in Cape Town, oui. Ze illustration is by Patrick Latimer.

I am making friends with Fibi ze Fox in Johannesburg. Mietjie is introducing us.

Aussi in Johannesburg, I am finding ze tiny bread paper clippings – cute, non? Ze clippings are made by Small Idea.

Et finally, I am looking at ze cute raincloud necklace for ma chere, Madame Le Bun. I am thinking she will be liking it, oui, oui – merci, Lola and Cash.

Where should Le Bun be going on ze next travellings, mon amis?

Until next time, a bientot, tout le monde!

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2 Responses to Les Voyages De Kawaii: South Africa

  1. becca;D


  2. Jennifer Rydell / Plushpussycat

    Love the mini breads! :-)

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