Les Voyages de Kawaii

Les Voyages De Kawaii: South Africa

Posted on August 24, 2011 by

Bonjour, mes amis! Tis I, Monsieur Le Bun, le correspondent de kawaii reporting to you once more from ze field.

It is being quite ze while since I am taking ze passing-port and going on ze travels, but just recently I am being invited to ze secret international summit on all ze things kawaii to be ze guest speaker – for I am ze expert, non? Le summit is in South Africa, tres belle country. Here is some of ze local kawaii I am finding.

Ze fat robin brooch is reminding Le Bun of looking in ze mirror, haw haw! From Gen Motley.

Ze croc with ze concertina – I am seeing him busking in Cape Town, oui. Ze illustration is by Patrick Latimer.

I am making friends with Fibi ze Fox in Johannesburg. Mietjie is introducing us.

Aussi in Johannesburg, I am finding ze tiny bread paper clippings – cute, non? Ze clippings are made by Small Idea.

Et finally, I am looking at ze cute raincloud necklace for ma chere, Madame Le Bun. I am thinking she will be liking it, oui, oui – merci, Lola and Cash.

Where should Le Bun be going on ze next travellings, mon amis?

Until next time, a bientot, tout le monde!

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