Les Voyages de Kawaii

Monsieur Moustachio

Posted on July 13, 2011 by

Bonjour! Today we have ze break from giveaways before you explodez from ze excitement, oui? Instead, I think to show to you some of mes amis from la belle France. I am not le only Monsieur on ze internets, non!

Zis is Monsieur T, a mini pillow from mymimi. He has free shipping too, if you would like him to be visiting you.

Ahh, Monsieur Garlic! You are nothing but troubles for moi! He is ze creation of Posy Illustration, along with many amis.

Monsieur Cupcake is sweeter on ze tastebuds and comes from ClayBaby as quadruplets!

Monsieur Memo – he is a mountain, or mayhap a triangle? Who can be saying? Just one of ze many cute things from Memo.

Mon dieu! Helpez-moi mes amis! Monsieur Evil Carrot and his Flaky Friends are not to be trifling with. I go now, and hope to see you next week Au revoir!

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