Mon Petit Chou

Bonjour mes cheres! It is I, Celeste, back to show you pretty things en francais! Jean-Claude, he is quite the romantique and his name for me is ‘petit chou’ – it can mean little pastry, but also little cabbage! This so-cute drawing by Le Mayhem makes fun of this, with a cat and his little cabbage! I think I will be needing this print for my home.

Le Mayhem has many more cute animal prints too, with hedgehogs, seals and squids. Enjoyez! Jean-Claude will be back next week with a very exciting giveaway – I know you will be liking it a lot! Au revoir!

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2 Responses to Mon Petit Chou

  1. plushpussycat

    Cute little kitty! Purr! Purr! :-)

  2. sapir

    This is truly “so-cute drawing” i loveee the kitty!

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