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Cute Fat Fox: Photobooth Review and Giveaway!

Posted on June 17th 2011 by in Games & Apps, Le Bun's Giveaways

Cute Fat Fox Photobooth is a great new app that lets you play purikura on your iPhone or iPad. Purikura are those amazing Japanese photobooths where you can add cute and silly decorations and words to your photos and then print them on stickers.

With this app, you just take a photo or load one from your photo gallery and then go nuts with all the cute decorations, which include hats, faces, flowers and food items. There are also some cool borders and you can add speech bubbles with your own text and even doodle things yourself in a range of colours. My favourite decorations are definitely the fat animals of the title – the addition of big round foxes, pandas and elephants is exactly what my photos have been missing all these years.

The app itself is really easy to use, and there are optional tips to talk you through how everything works. Decorating photos can be a bit slow but I’m still on a 3G iPhone so I’m sure that’s less of a problem for newer models.You can’t print these purikura onto stickers but it’s easy to share them on Facebook and Twitter through the app itself. I can see this being hilarious fun if all your friends have it too.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this app – it’s quick and easy to just add a few cute details or you can spend hours working on a masterpiece (and save your work as you go). If you make any amazing ones, please share them on the SCK Facebook page so we can all see!

Cute Fat Fox: Photobooth costs $2.99 – just look it up in the App Store or download via iTunesWe’ve also got one free copy of the app to give away. Just leave a comment on this post telling us what you’re up to this Summer (or Winter if you’re on the other side of the equator!) that would be more fun with this app!

The Small Print
Giveaway closes at 12pm BST on Monday 20th June. Open internationally. Entrants must own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and and an iTunes account. Your free app must be claimed within 2 weeks or the code will expire.

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5 Responses to Cute Fat Fox: Photobooth Review and Giveaway!

  1. Leigh

    WOW! This will make my husband smile. We went to Japan for our honeymoon and sent all our family and friends thank you cards on our return – with photos of us made in these photobooths!
    I could certainly put this app to use during my summer holiday with the in-laws… :-P

  2. Beth

    This app would be great to use when I go on holiday to Cyprus during the summer, it would be awesome to give my summer pics a kawaii twist, it would make our summer pics much more memorable!

  3. becki

    this is the cutest app! i spend every summer scuba diving (it’s my job), so i can only imagine the photos i could take with this!

  4. Kairi

    I’m going to Europe tomorow. Europe itself is cute but it’d be even cuter with this app!

  5. Quynh

    Ahhh! Im not doing much this summer. Nothing super ginormous at least. Taking a break from school, going to the beach, GETTING MY PERMIT! All those fun stuff! ^-^

    The app is so super adorable! :DDD


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