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A Birthday Giveaway from Kookizu

Posted on June 8, 2011 by

Bonjour mes amis! I have le congratulations to be giving today because it is ze first birthday of one of mon chere amis – Happy Birthday Kookizu! It does not seem like ze whole year since we first saw le cute jewellery of Sarah. In honour of zis celebration we have ze giveaway fantastique!

One lucky winner will be receiving a shopping spree at ze Kookizu shop and can be picking TROIS items of their choosings. Will you be picking le cute animals, ze spooky skulls or le tasty bonbons? It is up to you!

To entrez, leave a comment answering ze question what was the best birthday present you ever got? You can also get ze extra entry by following @kookizu on Twitter and tweeting about le giveaway. Just leave ze extra comment here with the link to your Twitter page or tweet!

Contest closes zis Monday, 13th June at 12pm BST so be quick! Bonne chance mes amis.

I am think mon favorit birthday gift was joining Super Cute Kawaii! Oui oui, mon birthday is ze very day I write mon first post for you, mes cheres. Maybe next year I will be having ze birthday giveaway, oui? Au revoir!

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