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A Birthday Giveaway from Kookizu

Posted on June 8th 2011 by in Le Bun's Giveaways

Bonjour mes amis! I have le congratulations to be giving today because it is ze first birthday of one of mon chere amis – Happy Birthday Kookizu! It does not seem like ze whole year since we first saw le cute jewellery of Sarah. In honour of zis celebration we have ze giveaway fantastique!

One lucky winner will be receiving a shopping spree at ze Kookizu shop and can be picking TROIS items of their choosings. Will you be picking le cute animals, ze spooky skulls or le tasty bonbons? It is up to you!

To entrez, leave a comment answering ze question what was the best birthday present you ever got? You can also get ze extra entry by following @kookizu on Twitter and tweeting about le giveaway. Just leave ze extra comment here with the link to your Twitter page or tweet!

Contest closes zis Monday, 13th June at 12pm BST so be quick! Bonne chance mes amis.

I am think mon favorit birthday gift was joining Super Cute Kawaii! Oui oui, mon birthday is ze very day I write mon first post for you, mes cheres. Maybe next year I will be having ze birthday giveaway, oui? Au revoir!

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97 Responses to A Birthday Giveaway from Kookizu

  1. sarajessica

    The best gift I ever got was a soda machine from my boyfriend this year when I turned 30. ^_^ Now I drink bubbly water all the time!

  2. Christy

    The best birthday present I have ever received was a sewing machine. :)

  3. Sarah

    Happy Birthday other Sarah! c: I think my best birthday present was the Hello Kitty cake my mum baked for me last time. It was especially perfect because I wasn’t able to get my favorite cake then.

  4. Sarah

    I’m also following Kookizu on Twitter now and tweeted about the giveaway:!/sarahsaarcasm/status/78427672086196224
    I hope you can see though as my profile is set to private..

  5. Courtney

    My best birthday present was a kitten when I turned 13. She’s still my BFF to this day :)

  6. Courtney

    Followed Kookizu and tweeted about the giveaway:!/courtneygodbey

  7. Mandi

    The best birthday present I ever got was a swarovski necklace (from the swarovski store) from my bf. He didn’t have a lot of money at the time but he still saved his pennies to buy me it! He gave me extra cuddles that day too, which is like an awesome b-day present in itself!

  8. Mandi

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!/kumacrafts/status/78442040270131201

    (and was already following kookizu)

  9. Valentina

    My best present ever was the one I received the year I graduated too..the day of my birthday I had a very special ticket to fly to Tokyo and visit Japan for 2 weeks. It was an unforgettable experience I had only dreamt of until that day…I’ll never forget that birthday!!

    I love Kookizu and here is my tweet about this nice competition to celebrate the brand’s Birthday!!!/vallychan/status/78429509380083712

  10. shuzluva

    The best birthday present I ever got had to be a surprise dinner arranged by my hubby complete with bubbly!

  11. Louise

    The best present I ever got was a toy cat, which my boyfriend sewed for me from scratch ^_^. She’s called Moggie, she has a butterfly dress and she lives on my bed :)

  12. Louise!/silverlinedsky/status/78448172032204800

  13. shuzluva

    And I tweeted about it!!/shuzluva
    I already follow kookizu

  14. Heather

    The best birthday gift I ever got was a trip to Hawai’i. It’s where I was born, and I hadn’t been back there in years… so one birthday, my parents took me back and we went to all the places I used to go when I was little… and I got the best shaved ice in the world XD Yeah, best birthday ever.

  15. Fiona

    The best birthday present i ever got was warm wooly sleep socks when i had lost mine moving house! I was so gratful.
    fi xxxxxx

  16. Leigh

    My bestest birthday present was definitely a double gift from my husband – a lovely Nintendo DS (on which I continue to play endless cute games) hidden inside a beautiful pillar box red hand bag! xx

  17. Brigitte

    The best? Um, I actually usually have really bad birthdays. I’d say the best present I ever got was the year my parents let me have a pool party :3

  18. Debbie

    The best birthday presente I ever got was foooor suuuure my Nintendo DS too! My husband gave me in a little box, I never imagined what was in there! Was a big and wonderful surprise!

  19. Jel

    The best birthday gift that I got was a cute pink stuffed toy. I consider it as the best and my most priced possession because of sentimental reasons <3

  20. Jel

    shared on twitter:

    followed you there as well as @xanjelix

  21. Mindy

    The best present I ever received was 2 tickets for my favorite band’s concert from my parents. That was a great experience! I had so much fun…..

  22. Megan Evans

    My favourite birthday present has to be the giant rubber duck I got for my 16th. As my birthday’s on Halloween I named him Count Duckula :’)

  23. Adrienne

    The best birthday gift I ever got was getting engaged to my wonderful husband 5 years ago!!

  24. Joana

    My best birthday gift was a postcard, written with a lot of love.

  25. Irit

    The best present I ever got was my boyfriend. :-)

  26. Irit

    I tweeted:!/maliciouscandy/statuses/78481621623386112

  27. plushpussycat

    My best birthday gift was this year: My husband bought me a cute donkey plushy, took me out to dinner to my favorite place, and then took me on some late-night thrift store shopping–it was so fun!

  28. plushpussycat

    I followed on Kookizu on Twitter and retweeted (@plushpussycat):
    KookizuKookizu Enter the Kookizu 1st Birthday Giveaway over at the Super Cute Kawaii blog!

  29. Layla

    The best present I ever got, I think, was a little pink sewing machine when I was 7 ^^

  30. Snowflake

    I think the best present i got was on my 13th birthday; my friends all sang to me, got me lots of hello kitty stuff (coz they know i love it) and i got a balloon!
    Balloons are awesome ^^

  31. Sonya

    The best gift I ever got was my sister’s used laptop. Especially since I really needed a new computer at the time.

  32. Sonya

    I followed and tweeted on twitter. My twitter page:

  33. Toria Heath

    The best birthday gift i ever got was a hamster book my boyfriend had made for me. He took all the photos of our hamsters and had them made into a book for me.

  34. Toria Heath

    Now following them:

  35. Betsy Marks

    …sigh, the bestest ever birthday present i got was a new Timex watch when I was 6 from my grandparents! It snowed that day at school and we got to leave early. When i got home, my grandma gave me the watch. I have never felt so cool again.

  36. Luli Bunny

    so awesome!
    one of the best birthday present I got was a pink teddy bear, that is not pretty but I got it when I was little and I still have it :)
    also following @lulibunny

  37. Tara

    The best pressie I ever got was a plush panda from my best friend who was living in HK at the time. Not only was panda a super cute gift he reminds me of my best friend whenever I give him a squeeze ^_^

  38. Suzybeth

    Best birthday present was one I got for myself… went to Leeds Wireless Festival for 3 days. Put up tent in the mud, drinking birthday cider, hanging with random people who were wrapped in masking tape, sneaking through fences (despite having a pass), wearing binbag ponchos, catching up with pals and drinking hot choc in the rain :-) I was camping by myself even though I’m very shy. It was nuts!

    It’s my birthday next week. I’m getting a haircut and an eye test :s

  39. vicki

    I think the best one would have to be a Japanese ‘vintage’ poster of My Neighbour Totoro – I love this thing!!

  40. Dawn

    The best b-day present I got was a Tokidoki Pirata bag. I had been obsessing over the super cute prints and my boyfriend surprised me with it. :)

  41. Matt Crosse

    My best present was Halo Boxset my girlfriend bought me!

  42. selfy loona

    my best birthday present was a scrapbook i had already made,wrapped up and given to me as a present^~^it was hilarious.

  43. Tinny

    best birthday present would have been the accomodation paid snowboard trip last year from my bf :)

    twitter: tinny0_o

  44. SHINee rules

    best pressie was the necklace both my parents made for me with my name on
    i literally cried

  45. Quynh

    My favorite birfday present was a Pikachu plushie that I got when I was 4 or 5! :333

  46. Tori

    The best birthday present that I have ever received was a badge maker.

  47. Alex

    This best birthday present I’ve gotten was my Mac Book Pro. <3 xD

  48. Lisa

    the best bday present i ever received was an 20 bucks and an ice cream bar. :D.

  49. esifwuble

    Happy anniversary kookizu! :D the best birthday present i got was this boobo (black pig) plushie. it is so cute and i bring it everywhere i go! :D

  50. Sofia

    Happy aniversary!… ehm.. well…in my country is so hard to find nce stuff, but.. my parents gave me a magical blue necklace with so much love in it! besides so sparkly and special…they It`s like they pass me their proud…u.u

  51. Min Ju

    The best birthday present I received was a kitchenaid hand mixer. I love to bake! :D

  52. Helena

    I spent my 17th birthday on a scholarship in Japan. My Japanese host family gave me a kimono and some KAT-TUN CDs, and my teacher at high school gave me a furoshiki-fan set that looked like watermelons! <3 I spent the day at Kamakura and the night in Hakone. Yay for scholarships!

  53. Cherry skull

    my best b’day present was when my best friend gave me a pig rabbit teddy just like the one in one of my fave Korean drama You’re Beautiful!!

  54. Lapin

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years and at the moment, I live in the US and he’s in the UK. I received an email from him in May with a subject saying ‘Happy Birthday!’ My birthday isn’t until June and I figured that after 5 years, he would know this. I opened the email and it was his flight details to come over to the US and see me my birthday week the following month! Best present ever! :D

  55. Grace

    The best birthday gift I got was a guitar

  56. Jex

    The best birthday gift I got was a laptop :)

  57. Esme

    My best birthday present was my best mates. I thought they couldn’t make it, then threw me a surprise party!xx

  58. Marshall

    Best…..hmmmm…..would be my art board i got when i was turned 14. good times….:3

  59. Punk princess

    definitely my laptop from my brother, especially since he hasn’t given me a present in YEARS! so it was deffo a big surprise!!

  60. Laura Grime

    My awesome my friend got me a personalised necklace this year!

  61. Lily

    The best birthday present I ever got was a room makeover!!!!! My room is soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!

  62. Lily

    The best birthday present I ever got was a room makeover!!!!! My room is soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!

  63. Maddie

    The best birthday present I ever got was a tare panda cake my mum made me, it was so cute! <3

  64. Bex

    The best birthday present I have ever received has to be my limited edition set of Harry Potter books. They came in a school trunk, and had to be imported from the US (so there aren’t very many in the UK). They have their own shelf in my room, where they are guarded by my collection of owl toys and figurines <3

  65. Jenna

    The best birthday present I ever got was the bike I got for my 10th birthday, that I am still riding every day today at age 27! It’s fuchsia, still my favourite colour. :)

  66. Caztus

    My best birthday present I’ve ever got was Txiqui, my best dog! He’s is all in my life.

  67. Liz Heath

    My tiny tears when i was a kid!

  68. Heather

    The best present i ever got for my birthday must be my big totoro plushie with the dvd too, its so cute :3

  69. missmuffcake

    Hmmm…I don’t really remember a ‘best gift’…I think though the best gifts are good memories!

  70. outoftheframe

    My best birthday gift was the breil necklace I got for my 30th birthday from my husband :)

  71. Quynh!/Quynhx33/status/78625998454788096

  72. Chìì

    The best present I’ve received was my favourite game Kingdom Hearts 2.*___*

  73. Asia

    the best present i’ve recieved was my My Neighbour Totoro pillow!!
    it is so soft!!

  74. Taylor

    The best present I ever received was a My Little Pony play set from my best friend with a lovely hand-made card. It melted my heart.

  75. Sara

    The best present i ever received was a trip to Disney Land Paris in my 12th birthday! :3 it was so much fun!! *.*

  76. Luli Bunny

    tweet! @lulibunny

  77. Sunnychan

    My best bday gift was a set of clover crochet needles I was really craving for, I receive them in the post without ordering so you can imagine the joy!

  78. Chrissa

    The best birthday present I ever got was me being born! ^-^ If that counts. =P

  79. chloe

    my best birthday prezzie was when i got my samsung netbook off my parents which led me to find out about Monseiur Le Bun, websites like papawaii and! :D

  80. Umemi

    Best birthday gift I have received was my aunt’s marching band playing happy birthday outside my bedroom window.

  81. AG

    The best gift I ever got was the final (as of now) book in one of my favorite fantasy series: Game of Thrones.

  82. UnluckyPrincess

    The best birthday gift i ever got was my little brown dwarf bunny Jack. I got him about 5 years ago and he’s a gift that keeps on giving. I love him so much!
    Bday: Dec 9th.

  83. Lisa

    The best birthday gift I ever got was a trip to NY and a surprise bday party that was waiting for me there! :D

  84. Kaeleigh

    I’d have to say the best birthday present I ever recieved, would probably be the cake my boyfriend put so much effort into.
    It was my favorite, rainbow cake, vanilla icing and a cluster of mini chocolate chips. It was delicious! (:

  85. Ann

    My Kimmidolls! :D

  86. Kreshna

    I think the best birthday present I ever got was a surprise party made by my family and my bestfriends.. I was really happy!! \(^u^)/

  87. ysabel

    my favorite gift was a very cute music box from my parents.

  88. Heidi

    My favorite gifts have been anything my (twin) sister gets me. Now that we live close to each other, every birthday is better. :)

  89. Lunachique

    The best birthday present ever was a surprise trip to Las Vegas! My husband even arranged for the time off with my boss! I had no idea until we were actually at the airport!

  90. Bug

    My best birthday present was last month when my boyfriend bought me the Pusheen the cat plushie! Along with a couple other rad things:

    Tweeted my reply too with links :) @BuglyWugly (that’s me)

  91. Nina

    My best birthday present was a camera

  92. Fran

    one of my best bday presents was the surprise party my bffs gave me one week before my baby was born. That was 5 years ago! it was great!!!

  93. Jonna Newberry

    The best gift I ever got was a skeleton key necklace, but my friend put it in a jar that she engraved a quote on it all by herself that said “Constant effort is the key to happiness” She chose that quote because it was a key necklace. lol get it? She also know that I LOVE Hello Kitty so she got a tin coin box with a picture of Hello Kitty on it and put the glass jar with the key in it inside of the coin box. So it was a very cute way to hide a present instead of wrapping the necklace over and over again with wrapping paper.

  94. Chanel

    The best gift I ever got was a Mac book pro from my boyfriend. I really love Mac products but the laptop are the best.

  95. Stawberry Cheesecake

    My best birthday gift EVER was a trip to Sweden with my best friend! I’ll never forget that present!

  96. Faith

    Best Birthday gift ever was when I was given a money box to save up for a camera at least it has given me a chance to earn it rather than just have it.

  97. Cinamon

    My best birthday gift was a lovely necklace.


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