Let’s Go Shopping At Kawaii Cupboard!

Bonjour, mes amis! Le Bun here to be telling to you about my latest shopping excursione!

This time I am being in ze noveau shopping internet website, Kawaii Cupboard (Zat is ze closet to you, mon American cheries!).

I am going, how you say, wild in ze aisles! Here is what I am finding:

First of all, zeĀ Korilakkuma mobile phone screen cleaning. Tres handy pour le bun on ze go.

Also pour le mobile, ze Hanari Tofu charm. Mon ami, Tofu san can be with me everywhere.

Regardez, le happiest Squirrel in all ze world! I am to be writing to Madame Le Bun when I am away on ze travelling with zis letter set.

Ze purse is perfect for petit Jacques pocket money for le weekend, non?

Et finalement, I can be storing ze toothbrush inside ze head of Panda san – haw haw! Formidable!

You are to be finding all of zis and many more articles at Kawaii Cupboard.

What are you choosing? A bientot, mes amis!

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2 Responses to Let’s Go Shopping At Kawaii Cupboard!

  1. plushpussycat

    Oh! Super cute kawaii! All adorable, but I LOVE the Hanari tofu charm! So sweet! :-)

  2. Stawberry Cheesecake

    I looooove the hannari tofucharm,but i’d have use to the super sweet panda head ^3^

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