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Le Buns at Zazzle

Posted on May 4th 2011 by in SCK News

Mes amis! How are you being zis week? The sun it is shining here in Paris and we are off to have le picnique en famille. But first, I wish to show to you some marvelleux products featuring moi!

All of these are available from Zazzle and you can be customising the colourings and styles to you own likings. Mon favorit is le mugs but there are also shopping bags featuring Madame and even le baby clothings featuring mon petit Jacques. You can be seeing all at Zazzle.

I go to le picnique now – I hope you have ze good weathers too mes amis. Remember if you have le question about kawaii, please to emailez-moi at and I will try to help you in a future posting. Au revoir!

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1 Response to Le Buns at Zazzle

  1. plushpussycat

    Adorable! Your designs are at Zazzle! Wonderful! Super-cute! :-)


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