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Blend Creations

Posted on May 6th 2011 by in Cute Shop Alert!

Kawaii doesn’t always have to be childlike, you know. There’s plenty of “grown-up” cuteness to take with you as you journey through life or to keep yourself sweet at work.

Blend Creations have some really pretty jewellery, including these super-sweet charmer bunny necklaces. If bunnies ain’t your thing, there’s skulls, little birds, and even tiny spooky-cute ghosts. And even better, you can customise the colours and even have them engraved – cool, eh?

Check out the rest of the website for great gift ideas for cute and non-cute lovers alike!

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2 Responses to Blend Creations

  1. plushpussycat

    Grown-up kawaii–I like that! :-)

  2. Sus

    The ghost charmers are really cute!


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