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Ask Le Bun: Kawaii Watches

Posted on April 13th 2011 by in Ask Le Bun

Bonjour mes amis! I have une new feature for you today. As une certifiable kawaii expert, I am now offering mon services to you all if you have ze question about kawaii.

Ze first question, it comes from Nicolette of jiji~punch. She askez-moi “where are all the kawaii watches to be found?!

Well chere Nicolette, I am agreeing with you! It is most difficile to find le kawaii watches. You do not wish to copy Le Bun with une antique pocket watch? Non? Well, I do le searching and here is what I am finding for you.

If you are liking Hello Kitty then zis search is no probleme – there are many many designs. Mon favorit is le cute yoga watch from Artbox.

Or Strapya-World has lots of ze cute watches featuring Totoro et amis.

eBay is maybe hit et miss for all kawaii. I did find zis Rilakkuma watch – tres cute! Seller Kung Fu Tea Gifts has a few designs available.

Tokidoki watches can be found all over le internets. Zut alors! Une monster with laser eyes! Zis one is from Amazon.

Et finallement, for ze crazy Japanese watches, I recommend you to visit Geek Stuff 4U! In a kawaii style, they have these tres colorful Pop Hour watches – it is like Lego non?

I hope zis was helpful to you! It seems there is une gap in le market – kawaii shops take note! Bring us more of le watches.

If you have le question for moi to answer, please to emailez-moi at Merci, and au revoir!

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4 Responses to Ask Le Bun: Kawaii Watches

  1. Julie

    Thank you for sharing them! Such super kawaii watches!

  2. plushpussycat

    Oh, these are super-cute! I think I’m partial to Totoro–he’s such a cutie! But they’re all adorable! :-)

  3. Nic

    Ah merci beaucoup Monsieur Le Bun! I love them all but especially the Godzilla one – graar!! ^-^

  4. Chris

    Wow, these are great (Neeeeed that Totoro one!) Going to have to start wearing watches on boths arms now… and both legs…


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