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Le Bun’s Superbe Sale!

Posted on February 23, 2011 by

Mes amis, bonjour to you all! Bunny and Panda, they askez-moi a few weeks ago to run for you le Super-Duper £1 Sale and of course I agree. I only see him now and PAH! I say, zis is not super-duper enough for Le Bun. So I have been through le shop with mon pricing gun and added even more of le bargains for you. Zis is une Superbe Sale, oui? Le sale ends in on 28th February so do not be wasting le time! Get shopping!

Also, do not be forgetting about ze Kawaii Japan giveaway – you have still ze few days to entrez for le grande prizes. Bonne chance mes amis, and happy shopping!

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