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Dr Moku’s Giveaway

Posted on February 2nd 2011 by in Games & Apps, Le Bun's Giveaways

Ahhh, mes amis. I am to make ze apologisings. I should not have taken ze huff last week. I have had le serious talk with Bunny et Panda and now I have ze giveaway for you!

Have you met mon ami Dr Moku? He is ze grande teacher of le Japanese. If you are wishing to learn then Dr Moku can be helping you with his iPhone app. It is much fun also! Dr Moku has TEN copies of le app to give away to you mes amis – just be sending une email as in le graphic below. Enjoyez!

UPDATE: all codes have been claimed. Thanks for entering!

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6 Responses to Dr Moku’s Giveaway

  1. coryy

    This app looks like it would be fun to do with my kids…I often have one hanging out with me while the other two practice karate, and vice versa. We could have Dojo Japanese practice time with all the other little sibs in the waiting area! I’m off to send my email right now.

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  3. Tinny

    yay! thanks Monsieur Le Bun & Bob

    just in time before my trip to japan in 2 weeks too :)

  4. Rachael

    I emailed, but I got a reply saying that the address no longer works :(

  5. Katie

    Aw this is cute. This would have been helpful last year when I was taking and first learning Japanese.

  6. Celie

    If only I had a phone at all ):
    I would LOVEE to learn Japanese


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