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Posted on January 19, 2011 by

Mes amis! As I promise, I returnez with some of your thinkings from ze SCK survey. It was most interessant for Le Bun, oui.

First, le locations – zis is where you are all living, mes amis. As you can be seeing, most of you are in ze UK or USA. We try to feature products and contests available for all, but zis shows, it is okay to do a little for UK or USA only when necessary, oui?

Zis chart, it shows how many of you have le pets! None of us at Super Cute Kawaii have une pet but maybe we will start featuring ze cute products if we see them.

Une question everyone agreed on – do you want some cake! I wish I could be sending you all le cake, but here is mon ami Cakeify, who is most pleased with ze result.

Et finallement, ze most important chart – are you liking moi! I shed ze small tear when I see zis – merci boucoup, mes amis! You will certainement see much of moi zis year – I have ze many things to be showing you.

We are still going through ze survey resultings, but we pay much attentions and will be using them to decide on ze new features, and more! Merci, and au revoir!

PS. Bunny san askez moi to tell to ze winners that there is un petit delay but your prizes will be posted zis week. Enjoyez!

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