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I am needing your thinkings!

Posted on December 22nd 2010 by in Le Bun's Giveaways, SCK News

Mes amis! How are you being? I returnez from mon skiing trip to ask of you ze big helps!


I make ze survey about Super Cute Kawaii, and I, Le Bun would be full of ze gratitude if you would complete your thinkings for me so we can be making le improvements so everything is even more so fantastique.

If you leave ze emailing address at ze end of le survey, I will be picking 5 personnes to be winning ze kawaii surprise packs! These are being put together by Madame and will include ze many cute things including phone charms and calendars featuring moi!

I also have ze kawaii crackers from Paperchase but I cannot be sending these outside of ze UK as le customs officiales they would be arresting Le Bun which nobody is wanting, non? But I will be finding much other cute to be making up so everyone please to entrez!

I thank you for your helpings, and wish you ze merry festivities – I see you in 2011, oui oui!

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4 Responses to I am needing your thinkings!

  1. Crystalline

    Monsier Le Bun, you are tres cute!

  2. LadySaotome

    Monsieur Le Bun is indeed kawaii. Cho kawaii!

  3. Jade Stephenson

    Arrgh! I died from the cuteness… Cho~kawaii ii~ne!

  4. thepricklypinecone

    Oh goodness, such kawaii goodnes. Those crackers are so cute!


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