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What I Bought in Japan

Posted on November 23rd 2010 by in Look What I've Got!

Well, just a few of the many many cute things I bought in Japan.

Purses & Cases

I’m a complete sucker for purses and cases – they’re affordable and always so cute! I am managing to use three of the many that I bought. I got the takoyaki (octopus ball) coin purse at the Takoyaki Museum shop in Osaka, the Mameshiba hard case (great for my earphones) in Akihabara and the Rilakkuma credit card case at Narita Airport. Useful!


Remember I was on a headphone hunt? These were the cutest ones I found in the right style/price. Not super-kawaii but they are pretty ace. I also got a cool pompom hat and a little Korilakkuma cable tidy that clips to your coat! I got all this in Loft. There were loads of adorable earphones there too – impossible to choose.


Postcards are always a good choice if you’re trying not to overspend. I picked these up all over Japan – some are from illustrators at the Design Festa and the Rilakkuma holographic one is from Kiddyland – brainache!

Taiko Panda Pillow

Yay, panda pillow. I always buy a kawaii pillow for my collection (he’ll be joining my onigiri pillow, Rilakkuma bunny cushion, takoyaki tofu pillow and happy carrot). I got this cutie in Loft. He’s so huggable, it’s pretty hard to stop really.

Tiny Things

And finally, gashapon galore! You can find so many unexpected treats in a gashapon – I got toys, figurines, phone straps, pin badges, a pack of Hello Kitty cards and even a miniature snowcone maker! Click the photo to read my notes, and there’s loads more photos of my purchases here. Enjoy!

What would you most like to spend your money on in Japan?

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7 Responses to What I Bought in Japan

  1. Tizzalicious

    Sooo much cuteness! I love the postcards!

  2. jocelan

    man i wish i could go back there now!

  3. Sandra

    Hey, I have seen the octopus ball wallet before!
    We sold it in our shop a few months ago:

    How funny is that!



  4. Amanda

    I went to Japan in last month, I miss it so much, I wish I bought more :( Did go to Disney land too, that was amazing, and fun at halloween!

  5. Megumi

    Those are the cutest headphones! Do you know if they are available online?

  6. mar-c

    Looks like they are – – or search for Mix Style headphones

  7. San Smith

    I love those headphones!


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