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I have ze iPhone!

Posted on November 3, 2010 by


Mes cheres, I have ze tres bon news. Madame, she sees how I am having ze struggle being in charge of Super Cute Kawaii and so she buys for me Le iPhone. Now Le Bun can be tweetering and blogging from mon travellings, oui? Mon petit Jacques, he helps me to install ze “Apps”, and I show to you some of ze kawaii apps I have.

First are ze super kawaii wallpaper apps of Puffy P. Each app has 101 wallpapers to be cuteing up ze phone. Choose from ze Cute designs, or ze Love designs but moi, I am liking ze Funny designs. La lollipop, she say you suck! Haw hee haw. Findez ze more information at Puffy P or download from ze App Store for just 59p each.

Mon favorit games, they are featuring Tappi Bear! He has ze All in 1 app for 59p which containez 6 games which are not so difficult for moi. I am liking most ze Donut Dance and Donut Ninja, oui oui. Also it has ze free updatings – I enjoyez ze Halloween game very muchings.

Et finallement, Panda-san she recommendez ze Sushi Cat which is free and has ze whole nouveau adventure. I go to play him more now. Even if you have not ze iPhone, you can play him on ze Sushi Cat website. Enjoyez, mes amis!

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