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Cute Wall Decals

Posted on October 7th 2010 by in Etsy Picks

I’ve had a few emails about kawaii wall decals so here are some of the cutest ones around!

graphicspaces is the queen of cute decals – I could have picked pretty much any of her hundreds of designs. I went for giant squid though, because who doesn’t love a giant squid?

Everyone likes ice cream too right? These cuties are by happythought over in Edinburgh.

If you prefer fruit then how about some kawaii cantaloupes from Kawaii Universe?

Bored Inc. have lots of cute designs on offer. This Hedgehog, Hamster and Mushrooms set is perfect for Autumn.

And finally, who hasn’t dreamed of falling asleep inside a giant donut? This sweet design by Belle and Boo is available in lots of different sizes.

Hope that keeps your walls happy!

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4 Responses to Cute Wall Decals

  1. Donna Vitan

    That donut wall decal is soo pretty! Have you found some cute ones for laptops?

  2. Jenny

    I love those squids!!

  3. Jenny

    And the hedgehogs and mushrooms in fact :D

  4. Izzie

    OMG they are soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My room is getting redecorated so thank you so much!!! xD :D hehehe awwww!! :D


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