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modes4u Giveaway Winner

Posted on September 15, 2010 by

Bonjour, mes amis! It is I, Jean-Claude Le Bun, here to be telling to you ze winner of ze modes4u giving away.  I will not be beating in a bush today, oh, non, non. I am in ze most terrible rushing, as ma chere, Madame Le Bun, is a little unwell and it is ze timing tres unfortunate. Ma belle bun is setting up ze own petit business and I, ze bun of ze experience in zese matters, I am helping to her. Ah, mes amis, all will become clearing to you tres soon, ah, as clearing as ze crystals!

Ah, now, d’accord, I be telling you of ze winner! Le prize is tres fabuleux – clickez here to see what you are winning.

So many of ze names to write for une petite bun such as moi! Mais Jacques et Le Colonel have helped me to make zem into ze hat and Madame Le Bun, in her sickness bed, is picking ze winner at random. Et, le winner is:

Shevon, who is picking ze dogs in ze chapeaus:

I am not understanding ze dogs dressing up as ze other animals or playing ze baseball, but I am a bun who is talking, after all! HAW, HAW, HAW!

Petit Shevon, please to be emailing moi at lebun@supercutekawaii.com to claim your prize, avec your address for ze posting.

Many mercis to all who are entering. I am un bun genereux, so be sure to keep looking at my internettings for another giveaway tres soon.

For now, I must be taking le potage to Madame Le Bun and getting back to ze much work to be done. A bientot, mes amis!

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